Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 “BREAKING” Southern Soul Singles

TOP 10 September 2021

1. “I’m Gonna Win”—–T.K. Soul

The title of this melodic and soulfully-sung tune is misleading. ”I’m gonna win” sounds egotistical, but the lyrics are just the opposite—humble, honest and straightforward, the thoughts of a wounded soul who at one point asks God for guidance and receives this reply:

“Get up off your knees, son.
How you gonna win if you don’t play?”

From his new album, Strawberry Jamz, “I’m Gonna Win” is a worthy successor to T.K.’s “Try Me”.

Listen to T.K. Soul singing “I’m Gonna Win” on YouTube.

2. “Knee Deep (Soul Lion Bass Mashup)”——Jay Morris Group

I’m not sure this remix is the version of “Knee Deep” that new fans should listen to first, but I do know that the twelve million YouTubers who have already fallen in love with the original will want to hear this version grafted onto vintage rhythm track samples like Soul Sonic Force. I always wondered how a slow song could inspire so much line-dancing. Now we’ve got a club version!

Listen to the Jay Morris Group featuring Zee Brownlow singing “Knee Deep (Soul Lion Bass Mashup)”.

3. “I’ll Leave The Light On”—–Karen Wolfe

It’s clear that Karen Wolfe is pursuing a more commercial and accessible sound. At the same time she’s trying to maintain the rootsy vocal chops that are her unique brand and claim to fame. Her “Motel Six” song (too bad she couldn’t have called it that) is the best evidence yet she’s bound to succeed.

Listen to Karen Wolfe singing “I’ll Leave The Light On” on YouTube.

4. “OMG”—–Cadillac Man

Cadillac Man has traveled a long and winding road to get to this high point. Assured, aggressive, funny, he’s everything we could desire in a southern-soul bluesman, including the seasoning to take us all the way back to Clarence Carter’s “Strokin’”.

Listen to Cadillac Man singing “OMG” on YouTube.

5. “Tennessee Whiskey”—–Sir Jonathan Burton

Here’s another longtime veteran who has traveled the long and winding path to his southern soul nirvana. Sir Jonathan Burton puts the chords to “I’d Rather Go Blind” in the blender and comes up with a fantastic offering brimming with energy, sweetness, wildness, incredible vocals and even saxophones!

Listen to Sir Jonathan Burton singing “Tennessee Whiskey” on YouTube.

6. “For You”—–Sean Ardoin

The brother of zydeco star Chris Ardoin and a zydeco performer of note himself, Sean Ardoin dives head-first into southern soul with impressive results.

Listen to Sean Ardoin singing “For You” on YouTube.

7. “Kush Kush”—–Lacee

This is a groove that could dislodge “Lacee’s Groove”. Its simplicity is powerful. People will be dancing to it.

Listen to Lacee singing “Kush Kush” on YouTube.

8. “Do You Wanna Ride”—–Silky G McCoy

This debut features a fine new vocalist over a simple, sparkling acoustic guitar riff.

Listen to Silky G. McCoy singing “Do You Wanna Ride” on YouTube.

9. “Imma Let Him Get It”—–Summer Wolfe

“He been doing everything he need to do,
I’ve been trying to test him.”

Ears perked up, dogs?

“But the way this Hennessy got me feeling right now,
See I just might let him.”

Listen to Summer Wolfe singing “Imma Let Him Get It” on YouTube.

10. “Rough Ride”—–Stephanie McDee

Stephanie’s back, and she’s got the zydeco accordion and the dance rhythm track. If you don’t know her, all you need to know is she was the headliner on a duet with someone named Pokey Bear (“Do The Hokey Pokey”) when the big bear was just a big cub.

Listen to Stephanie McDee singing “Rough Ride” on YouTube.


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