Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 “BREAKING” Southern Soul Singles Preview

TOP 10 August 2022

1. “I’m Just A Country Boy”—–Country Boy

Raw, country-hewn, with an original and enthusiastic vocal, the debut of Country Boy would be auspicious even without his mates. But when those “mates” are T.K. Soul (whom I’m guessing is general producer) and Ronald “Slack” Jefferson (whom I’m guessing is studio producer), you’ve got a record for the ages.

Listen to Country Boy singing “I’m Just A Country Boy” on YouTube.

2. “Somebody Gotta Leave”—–Carolyn Staten

Staten-ize me, Carolyn! Sock it to me! There have been other female “answer” songs to King George’s “Keep On Rolling,” but this is the one that delivers the toughest punch.

Listen to Carolyn Staten singing “Somebody Gotta Leave” on YouTube.

3. “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”—–Jeter Jones, R&B Pooh & Volton Wright

Begins with hand-claps and minimal background, like an overly modest stepping song, but by the end the trio of Jones-Wright-and-Pooh have you clapping and singing along to a memorable anthem. From Jeter’s new collection, Da Legend Of Sweet Jeter Jones.

Listen to Jeter Jones, R&B Pooh and Volton Wright singing “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” on YouTube.

4. “Saddle Up (Remix)”——Jeter Jones, R&B Pooh, Volton Wright

Back to back Jeter Jones, who deserves the lion’s share of the credit for making trail rides and country life dominant themes in southern soul music in our time. And props to R&B Pooh for the zest and flavor of his falsetto, which makes both these tunes so special. Also our man Slack, a genius on those percolating keys.

Listen to Jeter Jones, R&B Pooh & Volton Wright singing “Saddle Up (Remix)” on YouTube.

5. “Water”——-Tye Prince Of Southern Soul feat. Sir Charles Jones

This song—performed and produced so well—could be a #1 in certain circles and formats (general or urban R&B, for instance). But here in the chitlin’ circuit it’s going to evoke some winces because it mercilessly ransacks the Staple Singer’s “Do It Again”. It’s so faithful it might almost have been better doing a cover. Let’s not forget Jones’ very first hit single, “Slow Roll It” (originally recorded by The Love Doctor), also raided “Do It Again” for its iconic bass line. Just saying…It’s hard not to think of these things.

Listen/Download Tye Prince of Southern Soul’s “Water” on his website.

6. “Nobody”—–Michael Carey

Speaking of general R&B, here’s a switch: an R&B singer—not a hiphop artist—trying out his southern soul chops like some latter-day Lenny Williams or Ricky White. Carey’s good too, although the YouTube views (so far) are perplexingly meager.

Listen to Michael Carey singing “Nobody” on YouTube.

7. “I’m A Do It All Woman”—–Val McKnight

Val McKnight has a new album out on Ecko, Ain’t Nothing Like A Country Boy, and “Do It All Woman” is one of the finest and most convincing tracks.

Listen to Val McKnight singing “I’m A Do It All Woman” on YouTube.

8. “Louisiana Soulfood”——Cuznjed feat. Prince Hodge

This is a good example of how thorough and comfortable the use of rap has become in the culture of southern soul. The rap sounds more “southern soul” than a lot of conventionally-sung southern soul verses.

Listen to Cuznjed feat. Prince Hodge singing “Louisiana Soulfood” on YouTube.

9. “Down In The Woods”—–Unckle Eddie

When you think of all the singer/songwriters dealing with (at worst) writer’s block and (at the least) with overly-generic, same-old-same-old, musical structures that scream “been there/done that,” you kinda wish they’d get naked, buckle up some triple-X overalls and go “Down In The Woods” with Unckle Eddie and his forest creatures for some bonafide inspiration.

Listen to Unckle Eddie singing “Down In The Woods” on YouTube.

10. “Good”—–Tina P. feat. Cupid

Cupid sends up a rousing vocal on this track by sweet-voiced new artist Tina P.

Listen to Tina P. and Cupid singing “Good” on YouTube.


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