Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 “BREAKING” Southern Soul Singles

TOP 10 MARCH 2021

1. “Take Your Time”—–Joe Nice feat. Sean Dolby

I nearly crumbled from the full upright position the first time I heard this song. I just couldn’t get over Sean Dolby’s vocal. Sounds like he’s on his back. The vocal’s so wasted, so tentative, a whisper compared to the percussion intro, the best rhythm track since Mr. David’s “Cheating With The DJ”. But what can I say? The Dolby vocal turns into a blues miracle on the scale of the loaves and fishes. And Joe Nice?…he’s perfect. He makes it sound oh so natural, like the Fresh Prince back in the day. Oh and by the way, they’re singing my favorite Lynn White song, “Take Your Time.” I just didn’t recognize it at first. “Props” to DJ Sir Rockinghood for this one.

Listen to Joe Nice and Sean Dolby singing “Take Your Time” on YouTube.

2. “For Your Love”—–Hisyde

Hisyde is really coming on. Two in a row! “For Your Love” comes at you as easily as Mr. Campbell’s “I’m Stepping Out” a couple years ago. This song plus “Is It Ova?” should catapult Hisyde above the rank-and-file for good.

Listen to Hisyde singing “For Your Love” on YouTube.

3. “Good Booty Judy”—–Arthur Young

Lyrically, we haven’t seen a songwriter this enthused and engaged and in love with his craft since Luther Lackey. “Sometimes I call her Geico/Because fifteen minutes is all I need/Sometimes I call her All-State/Because that girl got her good hands on me…” See Daddy B. Nice’s New Arthur Young Album Alert!

Listen to Arthur Young singing “Good Booty Judy” on YouTube.

4. “Singing The Blues”—-Ra’Shad The Blues Kid

The best young blues I’ve heard in a while. It doesn’t get any better. But I can’t find a YouTube link to share!

Updated 3/6/21: Listen to Ra’Shad The Blues Kid singing “Singing The Blues” on YouTube.

5. “Save Me, Baby”—–Tameka Jackson

Great instrumental track, with touches of Motown (Supremes), and nice fresh vocal. And again, no YouTube! Reminds me of 2006-2007, before I could furnish readers with YouTube links.

6. “Tip-Toe In The Bedroom”—–Certified Slim

This may be Certified’s strongest track ever. Love the slowed-down tempo of the Tyrone Davis classic, and the instrumental track and the vocal never flag.

Listen to Certified Slim singing “Tip-Toe In The Bedroom” on YouTube.

7. “Just One Lifetime”—–Stevie J. Bluez feat. Shunte Hendricks

The words of ardent love sound just as stirring as when J. Blackfoot sang them, and Stevie’s back-up singer even sounds like Ann Hines, who did the original with Blackfoot. From Stevie’s new Quarantined album.

Listen to Stevie J. Bluez and Shante’ singing “Just One Lifetime” on YouTube.

8. “Kickin’ Dirt Up”—–Mz. Connie feat. Jeter Jones

One of the most irresistable tracks from Mz. Connie’s new Stir It Like Coffee album.

Listen to Mz. Connie and Jeter Jones singing “Kickin’ Dirt Up” on YouTube.

9. “South’N Lady”—–Darnell Da Bachelor

Listen to Darnell Da Bachelor singing “South’N Lady” on YouTube.

10. “Paper Or Plastic”—–Margo Thunder feat. Bigg Robb

Listen to Margo Thunder singing “Paper Or Plastic” on YouTube.

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