Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 “BREAKING” Southern Soul Singles

TOP 10 APRIL 2021


1. “Southern Soul Girl”—-Volton Wright feat. T.K. Soul

In my 4-star CD review I admit I considered giving Volton Wright a “trifecta” of top three singles on this month’s Top 10 (“Southern Soul Girl,” “Super Woman” & “Circles”), but I just couldn’t justify taking away that much space from others. Wright is a tremendous new talent, and his collaboration with T.K. Soul on “Southern Soul Girl” will go down as one of southern soul’s finest harmonizings. You can imagine stepping to it or slow-dancing: the song’s romantic tide pulls you both ways.

Read Daddy B. Nice’s 4-star CD Review.

Listen to Volton Wright and T.K. Soul singing “Southern Soul Girl” on YouTube.

2. “Super Woman”—-Volton Wright feat. J.D. and Jeter Jones

Volton Wright redux. This tune starts out with the same gorgeous keyboard chords that lifted Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature,” so right away you’re in seventh heaven. J.D. (#1 in February, remember?) is spectacular on his introductory verse, and Jeter Jones raps the final verse all the way to the pearly gates!

Listen to Volton Wright, JD and Jeter Jones singing “She’s My Super Woman” on YouTube.

3. “Keep It Country”—–B Cam & The Zydeco Young Bucks

The sheer lyricism of this song will win you over, and the zydeco accordion fills will make you gush. A special treat is the video, a perfect representation of a trailride, and a modest (not even hay bales), rain-soaked one at that, with the horses and ATV’s mingling, with the band, the bonfire and the dancing.

Listen to B Cam singing “Keep It Country” on YouTube.

4. “Plain Ole Country Boy”—–Jeter Jones

Then there’s the guy who made all this country trailride stuff relevant: Jeter Jones. He’s singing about a simple man “doing what he’s supposed to do,” including “going to church on Sunday” and “work on Monday’. It’s a great ballad with a unique point of view.

Listen to Jeter Jones singing “Plain Ole Country Boy” on YouTube.

5. “Unkle Phunk’s Juke Joint”—-Unkle Phunk feat. Luster Baker

Yes, Unkle Phunk’s back with a new collection, and if this fizzy title track featuring Luster Baker is any indicator, the anticipation will be justified.

Listen to Unkle Phunk & Luster Baker singing “Unkle Phunk’s Juke Joint” on YouTube.

6. “Toes Curl”—–Sojo feat. Methrone

Like Ann Peebles singing about the rain, this song will work its way so far into your head you’ll need one of those Matrix machines to get it out.

Listen to Sojo and Methrone singing “Toes Curl” on YouTube.

7. “Put It On Me”——West Love

A Staples-like vocal arrangement from the powerful singer who gave us “He’s Doing That Donald Trump” and “You Better Go”. West Love’s video has a 100K views and she recently headlined a multi-act concert.

Listen to West Love singing “Put It On Me” on YouTube.

8. “Stay The Night”—-Jesi Terrell feat. Theo Huff.

Jesi Terrell is one of the finest vocalists of the new generation, with a great nose for material. And it’s so good to hear some southern soul from her partner, Chicago’s Theo Huff, who hasn’t charted since his #1 single in September of 2014, “It’s A Good Thing I Met You”.

Listen to Jesi Terrell and Theo Huff singing “Stay The Night” on YouTube.

9. “Kick Out”—-Mr. Fredlo feat. Omar Cunningham

Listen to Mr. Fredlo and Omar Cunningham singing “Kick Out” on YouTube.

10. “Cowboy Ride”—-DeShay

Listen to DeShay singing “Cowboy Ride” on YouTube.

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