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November 28, 2020

The Only Christmas Song Your Daddy B. Nice Needs To Hear!

Listen to Pokey Bear & Crystal Thomas singing “All I Want Is You” on YouTube.


November 18, 2020

News & Notes

 Frank “Scrap Iron” Robinson Passes, Wendell B & A Southern Soul Thanksgiving…

“2020 may be the year you want to put behind you,” I write this month in my 5-star review of Wendell B’s Real Talk, “but before you evacuate, pack a little Wendell B along with your pets, precious papers and memories.” Yes, the end of this weird and grim year will soon be upon us. (If only we could say the same for the pandemic.) And as I write this for deadline, the news is finally in. The presidency has changed hands from Trump to Biden. Only think how much worse 2020 would have been if we hadn’t been blessed with a steady stream of new southern soul singles to transport us beyond the sad scenes unfolding daily around us. Thanks to the hundreds of southern soul recording artists and producers who gave us the tunes that kept us smiling. Thanks for buoying our spirits. Thanks for the musical balm for our masked loneliness.

And by the way, Wendell will be appearing Thanksgiving night (Thursday, November 26, 2020) in Columbus, Mississippi. See Daddy B. Nice’s Concert Calendar.

Frank “Scrap Iron” Robinson, born in Yazoo City, Mississippi in 1951, died on Friday, November 6th, at the age of 69. Robinson was the longtime road manager for the late southern soul star Little Milton,with whom he spent three decades, dressed “to the nines,” touring the chitlin’ circuit. Robinson resided in Memphis. Visitation will be held 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm Friday, November 20, 2020, at N.J. Ford & Sons Funeral Home, 12 South Parkway West in Memphis (901-948-7755). Funeral services will be held at 2:00 pm Saturday, November 21, at Greater Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, 1098 South Wellington St., Memphis, Tennessee.

—Daddy B Nice


November 1, 2020

NOVEMBER TOP TEN “SPILLOVER”: Top 40 Southern Soul Singles

An expanded list of the songs vying for “Top Ten Singles” in November 2020.

1. “Won’t Disapprove”—Tucka
2. “Check Now”—Wendell B
3. “Flashlight”—Jeter Jones feat. Arthur Young
4. “Good Thang (Remix)”—Johnny James feat. Adrena, Lady Q, Miss Portia, Summer Wolfe & Mz. Hollywood
5. “Let That Hurt Go”—Avail Hollywood
6. “Another Weekend”—Dr. Dee
7. “Get It”—Big Yayo
8. “Keep On Rockin'”—Big G
9. “Ready For Love (Remix)”—Evette Busby
10. “Wipe Me Down”—Pa Rooze

11. “Closet Freak”—Miss Portiafeat. Ice Doll
12. “Can We Just Talk”—Wendell B
13. “The Book Of Isaiah”—Johnny James
14. “I Love My Blues”—Gerod Rayburn
15. “Nosy Neighbors”—J.T. Watkins
16. “Wanna Party”—James Redd
17. “Be Your Friend”—Calvin Richardson
18. “Torn Between The Two”—Lady Q
19. “Turkey Walk”—Stan Butler
20. “Step Out”—Terrence Davis

21. “Blues Chose Me”—Adrena
22. “I’m Free”—Uncle Wayne
23. “If You Let Me”—C-Wright feat. D-Rich
24. “Southern Soul Garden”—Jeter Jones feat RnB Pooh, Volton Wright, JD
25. “Sometimes”—E.Z. Patterson
26. “For The Gram”—B Streezy feat. Juvenile
27. “Grind On Me”—Lamar Brace
28. “The Other Side Of This”—Angie Cleveland
29. “I Need To Know”—Shunte
30. “She Said I’m Tired”—Willie White

31. “Let Me Put That Thang In It”—Chuck Roberson
32. “Soul Stroke”—Uncle Wayne
33. “Flex”—Cupid
34. “Back In The Days”—Rico C feat. Jeter Jones, Big Mucci
35. “If You Wanna Party”—Stan Butler
36. “Action”—Sweet Nay feat. Roi “Chip” Anthony
37. “Shake”—Uncle Wayne
38. “Dixie”—Raymond Dickerson
39. “A Beautiful Dream”—Randy Hall
40. “Sho’ Wasn’t Me”—Isaac Lindsay


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