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August 5, 2022


An expanded list of the songs vying for “Top Ten Singles” in August 2022.

1. “I’m Just A Country Boy”—Country Boy
2. “Somebody Gotta Leave”—Carolyn Staten
3. “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”—Jeter Jones, R&B Pooh, Volton Wright
4. “Saddle Up (Remix)”—Jeter Jones, R&B Pooh, Volton Wright
5. “Water”—Tye feat. Sir Charles Jones
6. “Nobody”—Michael Carey
7. “I’m A Do It All Woman”—Val McKnight
8. “Louisiana Soulfood”—Cuznjed feat. Prince Hodge
9. “Down In The Woods”—Unckle Eddie
10. “Good”—Tina P. feat. Cupid

11. “Let’s Do Some Freaky Stuff”—Val McKnight
12. “Five Minutes”—Stan Butler
13. “Toxic Love”—Marcellus The Singer
14. “Ride”—Jeter Jones feat. Bizzy Bone
15. “Too Much For Me”—David J & Solomon Thompson
16. “Money Talks”—Ole Hollaway
17. “Cheating”—Mississippi Soul Boy
18. “Drip”—Tina P.
19. “Good For The Gander”—Jeter Jones
20. “We Gonna Party”—Dee Dee Simon

21. “Mr. Uber Man”—Eric Perkins (E.P. Soul)
22. “Turn Down The Lights”—Chad E. Jones
23. “Sexy Body”—Runt feat. Roi “Chip” Anthony
24. “Hang With You”—Joe D.
25. “Bout My Business”—Rich Wright
26. “I Wanna Get My Drink On”—Ben Ether
27. “Do Yo Thang”—Lamar Brace
28. “What Grown Folks Do”—Andre’ Lee
29. “Baby Can You Ride”—Lebrado
30. “I Want You”—Russ R The Ryder

31. “Good Good Loving”—Crystal Thomas
32. “Simple Kinda Lady”—Jeter Jones
33. “Let’s Have A Good Time (Remix)”—Ms. Jody
34. “Catfish”—Jesse Dodson
35. “You Don’t Want A Good Woman”—J’Cenae
36. “Yours Truly”—Kae Divine
37. “It’s A Ho Down”—Electrohorse feat. Big Mucci
38. “Not Strong Enough”—Stan Butler
39. “Jukebox Lover (Remix)”—Tucka feat. King George
40. “Ain’t Nothing Like A Country Boy”—Val McKnight


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