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October 15, 2022

Daddy B. Nice’s News & Notes

The Blues Is Alright Tour has been posted for 2023. Line-ups will change from venue to venue, but you can pretty much count on the usual headliners—Tucka, Sir Charles Jones, Pokey Bear, Nellie “Tiger” Travis and new souhern soul star King George—with two or three spots for additional artists depending on the geography and demographic. The tour begins Feb. 24th in Washington D.C. (a new venue, along with Atlantic City, New Jersey, Rochester, New York, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Los Angeles and Oakland) and will end in late April, having visited 21 cities, three times the number of shows on the tour’s schedule when it began, and a great barometer of southern soul music’s slow but sure penetration into the national market. Watch Daddy B. Nice’s Concert Calendar as line-ups become finalized and begin to emerge. Scroll down for complete itinerary……

Jackson, Tennessee’s James “Super” Wolfe passed away October 2nd. The football star turned radio personality, entrepreneur and beloved community leader was 72. Read the obituary…….

Atlanta plays host to The Southern Soul Radio And Music Conference August 17-20, 2023. How about that? (From a little-old-me-southern-soul perspective.) It doesn’t say “first annual,” but that’s obviously the hope and intention. I think I know some high-powered types who’ll be showing up, and if you’re a country-boy type, you may want to attend just to get an urban jolt. Featuring workshops, networking, awards dinner and gospel breakfast, the three-day conference will be held at the Doubletree Inn. Click here for particulars……

The Central Mississippi Blues Society is celebrating capital city Jackson’s bicentennial with a two-day blues extravaganza November 13th to 14th headlined by Castro Coleman (southern soul’s Mr. Sipp) and featuring panels, workshops and live show. For more information see “Reflecting Jackson Mississippi in the Blues” courtesy of The Boogie Report…….

Speaking of the blues, central-Mississippi bluesman Eddie Cotton is set to kick off a regular feature, Blues Saturdays, at Jackson local eatery The Weekend on Capital Street October 15th……Mr. Hollywood, who broke into Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 Singles this month at #5 with “Ms. Fine Thang,” is the entertainer name of Calvin Jenkins of Charleston, South Carolina……Velvet-voiced DeShay has recorded another female response song to King George’s “Keep On Rollin’,” following Redd Velvet, Carolyn Staten and more…..

Avail Hollywood has a new album (Love, Lies, Loyalty) in the works, as does Volton Wright, whose debut album Love On You, released during the pandemic, was exceptional……I had to laugh, listening to T.K. Soul and J-Wonn both singing the main melody line on “Look Good, Look Fine” (#10, DBN’s Top 10 Oct.). Why? The competitiveness of southern soul singers, which is so ingrained I doubt either artist even considered harmonizing, which would mean one would have to take the lesser (harmonizing) line. So not only do southern soul stars refuse to share the spotlight by forming bands. They won’t even form ad hoc harmonizing duos!

Here’s the complete list (as of this date) for the Blues Is Alright tour stops in 2023:

Feb 24—Washington D.C.
Feb 25—Charlotte N.C.
March 3—New Orleans
March 4—Dallas
March 10—Indianapolis
March 11—Augusta GA.
March 17—Cleveland
March 18—Atlantic City N.J.
March 24—Cincinnati
March 25—Rochester N.Y.
March 31—Milwauke WI.
April 1—Detroit
April 7—St. Louis
April 8—Chicago
April 9—Kansas City
April 14—Macon GA.
April 15—Atlanta
April 21—Houston
April 22—Shreveport
TBA—Los Angeles

—Daddy B. Nice


October 5, 2022


An expanded list of the songs vying for “Top Ten Singles” in October 2022.

1. “This Time It Was Me”—Arthur Young
2. “All For You”—Crystal Thomas
3. “Mr. Right Now”—J-Wonn
4. “Don’t Make Me Beg”—Willie Clayton
5. “Ms. Fine Thang”—Mr. Hollywood
6. “I Swear”—Mr. Don’t Leave (Eric Hunter) feat. Johnny James
7. “One Step Closer To Home”—William Bell
8. “Keep On Rolling Reply”—DeShay
9. “My Lucky Day”—Big G
10. “Look Good Look Fine”—J-Wonn, T.K. Soul

11. “Waitin’ On You”—Tucka
12. “Week Day Blues”—Lenny Williams
13. “I’m Gonna Ride That Black Horse”—Ms. Jody
14. “You Changed My Life”—Avail Hollywood
15. “Wantin’ More”—J-Wonn
16. “I Got That Good Stuff”—Crystal Thomas
17. “Slow Wind”—S. Dott feat. Koray Brousard
18. “My Two Step”—Omar Cunningham feat. Krishunda Echols
19. “Drink My Pain”—Wolf Man Delliyo
20. “You Can’t Beat A Woman”—Willie Clayton

21. “If You Gone Pop It”—F.P.J., J-Wonn
22. “Brand New House”—Keith Frank & LA 26 feat. The Teddy Bear
23. “Hot Line”—Gentry-Jones
24. “Jody Got Ya Girl”—Unkle Phunk
25. “You’re My Everything”—K.D. Dawson
26. “Man Handle It”—J. Red The Nephew
27. “What You See Is What You Get”—DJ Wildman Tim feat. Jeter Jones
28. “She Walk That Walk”—Unkle Phunk, Jeter Jones
29. “Chunkin’ Dat Donk”—Big Al
30. “Nose Wide Open”—Calvin Taylor

31. “Good Good Lovin'”—Crystal Thomas
32. “What You Do To Me”—S. Dott, Jayme Romain
33. “Leaving Me”—Roi Chip Anthony feat. Le’Jit
34. “Pressure On Me”—Mz. Tor
35. “Ain’t Never Going Home”—Mr. Bow Bow Bow
36. “Let Me Be Your Man”—Keithan Noel feat. E.J. Soul
37. “Two Step And Slide”—Coupe DeVille
38. “Friday Night”—Chip Almighty
39. “It’s All Over Now”—Lady T
40. “This Woman”—A. Jamal



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