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March 1, 2021

MARCH TOP TEN “SPILLOVER”: The Top 40 Southern Soul Singles

An expanded list of the songs vying for “Top Ten Singles” in March 2021.

1. “Take Your Time”—Joe Nice feat. Sean Dolby
2. “For Your Love”—Hisyde
3. “Good Booty Judy”—Arthur Young
4. “Singing The Blues”—Ra’Shad The Blues Kid
5. “Save Me, Baby”—Tameka Jackson
6. “Tip-Toe In The Bedroom”—Certified Slim
7. “Just One Lifetime”—Stevie J Bluez feat. Shante’
8. “Kickin’ Dirt Up”—Mz. Connie feat. Jeter Jones
9. “South’N Lady”—Darnell Da Bachelor
10. “Paper Or Plastic”—Margo Thunder feat. Bigg Robb

11. “Members Only”—Pat Cooley
12. “Stir It Like Coffee”—Mz. Connie
13. “Side Stepped Me”—Grady Champion
14. “If They Only Knew”—Rosalyn Candy
15. “Come Back To Me”—DJ Wildman Tim
16. “Take Yo Praise”—Crystal Thomas
17. “Drunk Man”—Arthur Young
18. “The Closer I Get To You”—Leroy Allen & Evette Busby
19. “Magic Cat”—Sojo
20. “My Gift To You”—Alvin Garrett

21. “Jody Jr.”—Rosalyn Candy
22. “I Found A Man”—Dee Dee Simon
23. “Fussified Woman”—Marvelous Moe Morris
24. “Mighty Good Woman”—Stan Butler
25. “I Bet You Got A Good ‘Un”—O.B. Buchana
26. “No Late Night Booty Call”—Jesi Terrell
27. “Ladies Night”—Gary Shelton
28. “One Room”—Ra’Shad The Blues Kid
29. “Who Kat He Kissing”—Towanna Murphy
30. “Take Me Back”—Mose Stovall

31. “Good Time For Love”—Lenny Williams
32. “Milkman Part 2”—Latrell Knight
33. “You Can Get It (Bigg Robb Remix)”—Toia Jones
34. “Hit It Better”—Denzel Dente
35. “Get Down With You”—Dexter Allen
36. “Turning Point”—Isaac Lindsay
37. “I Love You Bae”—Lady Soul
38. “No Mess”—Pat Cooley
39. “Juke Joint Lover”—Urban Ladder Society
40. “Hey Baby”—Larry Milton



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