Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 “BREAKING” Southern Soul Singles Preview

TOP 10 September 2020



1. “I Don’t Understand”——-Sir Charles Jones

Only two people in southern soul can concoct synthesized symphonies this sumptuous—Bigg Robb and Sir Charles Jones—and only one can sing like an angel: Sir Charles. “I Don’t Understand” is almost six minutes long, but it goes by in what seems like three. Read Daddy B. Nice’s enthusiastic review of The Jonez Boyz: Two Kings, in which he compares “I Don’t Understand” to “The Letter” and “Is Anybody Lonely?”

Listen to Sir Charles Jones singing “I Don’t Understand” on YouTube.


2. “That’s What We Gonna Do”——Wendell B.

It’s just a routine stepping song, but The Boss transforms into something unique. He could make us dance to the Burger King menu. From that great new album, Real Talk.

Listen to Wendell B singing “That’s What We Gonna Do” on YouTube.


3. “Nose Wide Open”——Magic One

Not a cocaine song. Nevertheless, the melody is addictive, as is the impressive vocal, a follow-up to Magic One’s popular “High Heels & Jeans”. That’s pronounced “Juan” in the Deep South—Magic “Juan”—and he works magic on this “juan”.

Listen to Magic One singing “Nose Wide Open” on YouTube.


4. “Step With Me”—–J-Wonn feat. Jeter Jones

This tune is all J-Wonn “want-to”. The mesmerizing young star has matured amazingly as a vocalist, assembling a whole bag of J-Wonn-tailored techniques and phrasings, including a refreshingly youthful, voice-over personality. The “just give me some…drums and a bass line” chorus brought smiles because I criticized J-Wonn a couple albums back for ignoring the bass clef.

Listen to J-Wonn & Jeter Jones singing “Step With Me” on YouTube.


5. “Netflix And Chill”——Sassy D. feat. Arthur Young

This is a match made in southern soul heaven: two up-and-comers with real credibility and authenticity. Love Sassy punctuating her phrases with “Mmmm’s,” and love Arthur’s yapping-dog-like styling. They know what to do and they do it.

Listen to Sassy D and Arthur Young singing “Netflix And Chill” on YouTube.


6. “Goin’ Out”—–LoKey Kountry

Two or three melodies intertwine to make a rousing southern soul debut by this oddly-named act. Didn’t know if it was a band or a solo artist until I found the YouTube video. Thanks to music buddy DJ Sir Rockinghood for the “heads up”.

Listen to LoKey Kountry singing “Goin’ Out” on YouTube.


7. “Southern Soul Kinda Vibe”—–Calvin Taylor

I fell under the spell of this song before I knew Calvin was a son of Johnnie Taylor, and I wish I hadn’t said that because he doesn’t need the hype, and I liked the track even better before I knew. (But I have to be a reporter.)

Listen to Calvin Taylor singing “Southern Soul Kinda Vibe” on YouTube.


8. “Memphis Blues Brothers”—–John Cummings

John Cummings adds to his gospel of Delta-themed compositions—“Here In The South,” “I’m Going Home” (O.B. Buchana), “Arkansas Caramel”—with this tuneful postcard from Ecko Records’ Blues Mix 31: Dirty South Soul.

Listen to John Cummings singing “Memphis Blues Brothers” on YouTube.


9. “Like Voodoo”—–Sir Charles Jones, Jeter Jones & King South

“This southern soul will take control of you…” All three vocalists excel on this ethereal hymn to the genre. Charles crows like a rooster strutting across the barnyard, King South is an eye-opener, and Jeter’s verse is truly transcendent. From The Jones Boyz: Two Kings.

Listen to Sir Charles Jones, Jeter Jones & King South singing “Like Voodoo” on YouTube.

10. “Southern Soul Party”——Jay Morris Group feat. Jeter Jones

More love for southern soul, this time from the best new group to grace the scene since The Revelations and the Klass Band Brotherhood. The omnipresent Jeter Jones once again lifts the ensemble to another, higher level.

Listen to the Jay Morris Group and Jeter Jones singing “Southern Soul Party” on YouTube.


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