Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 “BREAKING” Southern Soul Singles Preview



1. ”You’re What’s Needed In My Life” – Lee Fields

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Lee Fields, who left southern soul and the chitlin’ circuit for greener pastures in the “Little J.B” mainstream, should turn out to be the embodiment of everything southern soul strives to be? From Fields’ new album It Rains Love.

Listen to Lee Fields singing “You’re What’s Needed In My Life” on YouTube

2. ”Get It! Get It!” – Ms. Jody

Ms. Jody’s oh-so-cool, strong and “centered”–as they say (blush) in Boulder, Colorado–on this zydeco-flavored tune and on her new album of the same name in general.

Listen to Ms. Jody singing “Get It! Get It!” on YouTube.

3. ”Do You Hear Me Now?” – Bishop Bullwinkle

What a way to go out. With a rambunctious “Do ya hear me now?!” Posterity look kindly upon Bishop Bullwinkle. From his new, posthumous album, The Da Vinci Code.

Listen to Bishop Bullwinkle singing “Do You Hear Me Now?” on YouTube.

4. ”I Can Back It Up” – Choppa Law

I had this guy pegged as a “pretender” based on his previous work, but this song blew me away— the instrumental track and the vocal. Suddenly he’s a man among boys. From Choppa’s new album, No Strings Attached.

Listen to Choppa Law singing ”I Can Back It Up” on YouTube

5. ”Party On The Weekend” – The Marquee’ Of Soul

See related letter in Daddy B. Nice’s Mailbag.

Listen to the Marquee of Soul singing “Party On The Weekend” on YouTube.

6. “That Young Thang” – Big G

From Big G’s new Let’s Partyalbum. See Daddy B. Nice’s review.

Listen to Big G singing “That Young Thang” on YouTube.

7. “Got My Mojo Working” – Angel Faye Russell

Listen to Angel Faye Russell singing “Got My Mojo Working” on YouTube.

8. “I Love You” – Darnell Da’ Bachelor

Listen to Darnell Da’ Bachelor singing “I Love You” on YouTube.

9. “Big Gun” – Dee Dee Simon

Listen to Dee Dee Simon singing “Big Gun” on YouTube.

10. “Hey Ms. Sexy Thang” – Sirnature Alexzander

SirNature’s first chart appearance since “Let’s Party” in 2008.

Listen to Sirnature Alexzander singing “Hey Ms. Sexy Thang” on YouTube.


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