Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 “BREAKING” Southern Soul Singles


1. “Drink Of You”—–The Night Affair Band

Whenever people tell me they can’t find any good new southern soul songs, I always say, “You know I get that way sometimes, but there is always more. You just have to beat the bushes, and the bushes are endless.” In this case a southern soul enthusiast named Jerry King happened to mention a deejay named DJ Haynes, and when I went to DJ Haynes he was playing a song from 2020 by a band I had never heard of—The Night Affair Band—reminiscent of (and just as good as) another band few people ever appreciated, Soul Unlimited feat. Ellis Blake. I know nothing about the Night Affair Band. I’ve tried to contact them without success. For all I know, they may have disbanded. But their song “Drink Of You” is an overlooked triumph.

Listen to The Night Affair Band singing “Drink Of You” on YouTube.

2. “I Ain’t No Sidepiece Lover”—–J’Cenae

Smoothway (Wendell B’s label) releases the second big single of 2021 from J’Cenae. The first was “I’ll Be Down In A Minute,”which has racked up almost 3 million YouTube views. “I Ain’t No Sidepiece Lover” has scored a quarter of a million views in less than a month. For fans who love Shirley Brown. A CD titled “Decency” is in the works.

Listen to J’Cenae singing “I Ain’t No Sidepiece Lover” on YouTube.

3. “We Rollin'”—–Unkle Phunk feat. Big Poppa

Unkle Phunk returns to form with this warm and fuzzy dance groove, all about him taking his 18-wheeler to the trail ride.

Listen to Unkle Phunk singing “We Rollin'” on YouTube.

4. “Mr. Hide & Go Get It”—–Arthur Young

Arthur Young recycles an old Marvin Sease riff with cool aplomb.

Listen to Arthur Young singing “Mr. Hide & Go Get It” on YouTube.

5. “Tank On E”—–DeShay

A hauntingly atmospheric piece of advice from Jones Boys Entertainment diva DeShay, following up on her 2021 singles “Cowboy Ride” and “Lay With Me”.

Listen to DeShay singing “Tank On E” on YouTube.

6. “Let Me Love You”—-Ra’Shad The Blues Kid

Beautiful melody with tasty guitar, vocal and gospel-style background vocals. From Ra’Shad’s new SOUTHERN SIDE OF SOUL CD. See Daddy B. Nice’s 4-star review. 

Listen to Ra’Shad singing “Let Me Love You” on YouTube.

7. “Wash My Hands”—-Denzel Dante

New guy, new sound, delivered with competence.

Listen to Denzel Dante singing “Wash My Hands” on YouTube.

8. “The Best Of Me”—-Mrs. Sham

“I’m open like a book. I’m giving him everything. He gets the best of me.” Stirring words from a lady promoted by J. Red The Nephew.

Listen to Mrs. Sham singing “The Best Of Me” on YouTube.

9. “Giddy Up And Let’s Ride”—-Tasha Mac feat. Jeter Jones

Interest is stirring for Tasha Mac. From her new album You’re Not My Competition.

Listen to Tasha Mac singing “Giddy Up And Let’s Ride” on YouTube.

10. “Real Man”—–Mr. Sipp

Mr. Sipp started out as a blues guitarist catering to the crossover (white blues) market but has since migrated into the southern soul scene. “Real Man,” his best southern soul effort yet, is winning over deejays across the South but still looking for those elusive fans.

Listen to Mr. Sipp singing “Real Man” on YouTube.

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