Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 “BREAKING” Southern Soul Singles

TOP 10 November 2021

1. “Grown Man Shhh”—–Bigg Robb

The first verse sums it up: “I got a good woman/But I don’t think she understands/All that I go through/Being a dark-skinned man.” You can tell it’s from the heart, and nobody has a bigger heart than Robb. The production, complete with soulful female background, is exquisite, as is Robb’s vocal and voice-over.

Listen to Bigg Robb singing “Grown Man Shhhh” on YouTube.

2. “You Didn’t Want What You Had”—–Gerod Rayborn

The opening bars’ deep, trilling, organ chords announce you’re in store for a rant, and that’s what you get—a stirring, vintage-style weeper/scolder reminiscent of Percy Sledge, Otis Redding and James (“The Dark End Of The Street”) Carr. Read Daddy B. Nice’s 4-star CD review.

Listen to Gerod Rayborn singing “You Didn’t Want What You Had” on YouTube.

3. “Bone Of My Bone”—-James Bryant

A love song as heartfelt and masterfully-sung as the work of recently-discovered R.T. Taylor.The song also features what I used to call “cheesy programmed horns,” a fixture of southern soul records in the late nineties and early aughts. Even the great T.K. Soul’s “Try Me” had them.

Listen to James Bryant singing “Bone Of My Bone” on YouTube.

4. “Keep Moving On”—–Dexter Allen

This is a great single by the blues man. Leather-belt vocal, live instruments (especially those drums!) and valuable worldly wisdom dispensed.

Listen to Dexter Allen singing Keep Moving On” on YouTube.

5. “Somebody’s Been Talking Too Much”—-Gerod Rayborn

Another, more Tyrone Davis, side of Gerod Rayborn from his new I Love My Blues CD. This one’s a kinky, domestic slice-of-life with an exotic, far-Eastern, musical fillip tiptoeing through the instrumental track.

Listen to Gerod Rayborn singing “Somebody’s Been Talking Too Much” on YouTube.

6. “I’m Not Going Nowhere”—-M.P. Soul

If you’re into southern soul, you’re used to double negatives. You wouldn’t want it any other way—it wouldn’t sound right. Rousing tune and vocal wrapped up in an unmistakably L.J. Echols production.

Listen to “I’m Not Going Nowhere”

7. “Crazy Fool”—–Big Yayo

Did Chris get the inspiration for “Crazy Fool”—especially the opening bars and tempo—from Miz. B’s great underground record“What’s My Name?/My Name Is $$$$$”. That’s what great writer/producers do.

Listen to Big Yayo singing “Crazy Fool” on YouTube.

8. “Freight Train”—–B. Dupree

This is a reissue (re-mastered) from an artist who last charted on Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 Singles in 2007.

Listen to B. Dupree singing “Freight Train” on YouTube.

9. “Take You Home”—–The Night Affair Band

Another spectacular cut from the unheralded band Daddy B. Nice spotlighted at number-one last month (October).

Listen to The Night Affair Band singing “Take You Home” on YouTube.

10. “Pacifier”—-Sweet P.

Denzel Dante, who recently debuted on these charts, apparently manages Sweet P.

Listen to Sweet P singing “Pacifier” on YouTube.

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