Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 “BREAKING” Southern Soul Singles Preview


1. “Cowboy Ride”—–Stan Butler aka Deacon Low Down

This is an incredible song, with a new persona and new vocal style for Stan Butler, a joy to hear and watch. “Cowboy Ride” is this year’s “Black Horse” (Best Mid-Tempo Song 2018 by Jeter Jones).Halfway through, a vaguely eastern musical motif is tossed into the mix like an exotic fish into a gumbo.

Listen to Stan Butler singing “Cowboy Ride” on YouTube.

2. “Boss Queen”—–Stephanie McDee

Give Stephanie McDee a tough singing assignment and an acoustic guitar (brilliantly wielded by Tyree Neal, who also graced last month’s #1 by Champagne and Highway Heavy), and Steph’ is unbeatable. Reminds me of her bluesy riffing–again with Tyree–on “When I Step In The Club”.

Listen to Stephanie McDee singing “Boss Queen” on YouTube. (Scroll through the first 2 minutes and fifty seconds of talk to get to the song proper.)

3. “Girls Night Out”—–Karen Wolfe

This new single from Karen Wolfe is published by Sweet Success Records, not Anna Coday’s label.

Listen to Karen Wolfe singing “Girls Night Out” on YouTube.

4. “So Damn Good”—–Sheba Potts-Wright

A song to make a man feel good, and Sheba’s first new single in quite awhile, from the Ecko Records’ sampler, Blues Mix 29: Grown & Sexy Soul. Read Daddy B. Nice’s review.

Listen to Sheba Potts-Wright singing “So Damn Good” on YouTube.

5. “I Like Da Way, Pt. 1”—-Itz Karma

The singer who starred with Jeter Jones on the 2018 hit single “Rodeo” has just released her southern soul debut album, Karma Unleashed.

Listen to Itz Karma singing “I Like Da Way” on YouTube

6. “Ready”—-Lady Soul

The singer who’s worked with T.K. Soul (“The Lady Soul Slide”) and Beat Flippa (“Tighten Up”)releases a song as erotic in its way as last month’s #1, “Mouth On You” by Champagne.

Listen to Lady Soul singing “I’m Ready” on YouTube.

7. “He’s Giving Me The Eye”—–Zelda Thomas

A southern soul debut–simple and direct.

Listen to Zelda Thomas singing “He’s Giving Me The Eye” on YouTube.

8. “Rockin’ Chair”—–Charlesia Jones feat. Charles Jones III.

The mix and production are sketchy, but the reason to watch this video of Gwen McCrae’s oft-recorded and sampled “Rocking Chair” is to watch Sir Charles’ fascinating progeny, especially his look-alike son. Daughter Charlesia’s lead vocal is sweet. From Sir Charles new compilation, Sir Charles Jones & Family, Vol. 1.

Listen to Charlesia and Charles Jones III singing “Rockin’ Chair” on YouTube.

9. “For My Ladies”—–Miss Portia feat. Cupid

Listen to Miss Portia & Cupid singing “For My Ladies”.

10. “I Could’ve Stayed At Home”—-J-Fitz

Listen to J-Fitz singing “I Could’ve Stayed At Home” on YouTube.


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