Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 “BREAKING” Southern Soul Singles

TOP 10 July 2021


1.“Chicken Wang” —— Klay Redd

Just what we need for the summer of 2021: a funny-as-hell, chicken-clucking, slam-dunk, club jam. Nothing fancy. Just an elemental groove and country-inflected vocal crying out for future remixes. This song invites everyone to flap their wings, and let me tell you… If you see a beautiful woman in the middle of the dance floor flapping her elbows up and down, real careless-like, it’ll break your heart.

First new artist since Fat Daddy to score a #1 single first time out. Can’t wait to see the dance video!

Listen to Klay Redd singing “Chicken Wang” on YouTube.

2. “On My Way Home” —— Jeter Jones

There’s enough feeling in this song to fill a basket-full of ordinary CD’s. Structurally the simplest—and emotionally the deepest—of the many superb tunes on Jeter Jones new, five-star-rated Trailride Certified Part 2. 

Listen to Jeter Jones singing “On My Way Home” on YouTube.

3. “Down In The Kuntry” —– Stan Butler feat. West Love

I’ve been suggesting Stan adopt his
“Cowboy Ride” persona (both performance-wise and vocally) and in “Kuntry,” assisted by the powerful and gritty West Love, he kills it. This is his path to stardom, and this is a candidate for Best Duet of the Year.

Listen to Stan Butler and West Love singing”Down In The Kuntry” on YouTube.

4. “I Ain’t Giving Up My Love” —– Mizz Lowe

Bobby Rush’s most infamous stage dancer comes out with an inspired bid for a top-of-the-charts single debut, aided by the master himself, who plays Mizz Lowe’s foil in the same, hilarious way he did on Vicki Baker’s “Don’t Leave Your Wife”.

Listen to Mizz Lowe and Bobby Rush singing “I Ain’t Giving Up My Love” on YouTube.

5. “The Chosen One” —— Sir Charles Jones

The bracing, northern musical ambience (vintage Detroit, Philly) gives it away. Sir Charles is aiming for the audience beyond southern soul with this chest-pounding, selfie testimonial. And who wouldn’t want him leading the charge of southern soul into the mainstream, cape furling in the wind, shield glinting in the sun?

Listen to Sir Charles Jones singing “The Chosen One” on YouTube.

6. “On Call Plumber” —– WestDawn feat. Jeter Jones

There’s good funk and there’s bad funk. This is the good stuff.

Listen to WestDawn and Jeter Jones singing “On Call Plumber” on YouTube.

7. “Welcome To The Country” —– Arthur Young

Arthur Young gets back to the blues basics—blazing guitar and vocal—and somehow he seems more comfortable and natural.

Listen to Arthur Young singing “Welcome To The Country” on YouTube.

8. “Damn Thang Wrong” —— Highway Heavy

Highway Heavy scores his first solo southern soul single as the lead vocalist. He’s rapping over a soulful chorus.

Listen to Highway Heavy singing “Damn Thang Wrong” on YouTube.

9. “Love Don’t Love Nobody”—– Big Pokey Bear feat. Mister Cotton

Gravelly-voiced, soul-loving Terry Cotton finally hits the jugular with none other than the sidepiece man himself, Big Pokey Bear.

Listen to Pokey Bear and Mister Cotton singing “Love Don’t Love Nobody” on YouTube.

10. “Halfway” —— Ice Doll feat. Roi “Chip” Anthony

Ice Doll raps it well, but its Roi “Chip” Anthony who brings this soulful melody and chorus home to the southern soul audience.

Listen to Ice Doll and Roi “Chip” Anthony singing “Halfway” on SoundCloud.


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