Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 “BREAKING” Southern Soul Singles Preview

TOP 10 August 2020


1. “Cheatin’ With The DJ”——-Mr. David

Smashing vocal. Monstrous rhythm track. Every bar of this dance jam pulses with energy and excitement. It’s so direct it takes your breath away. Tell the deejay to play it over and over, dancers, and get wild with it. Mr. David hits the mainline.

Listen to Mr. David singing “Cheatin’ With The DJ” on YouTube.

2. “Leave Me”—–Summer Wolfe feat. L.J. Echols

Summer sounds ballsy and vulnerable, like she was just discovered and pulled off the street. And LJ? Who else would dare use mariachi-band horns? Southern Soul would be poorer without his unique producing talents.

Listen to Summer Wolfe and L.J. Echols singing “Leave Me” on YouTube.

3. “After Hours”—–2 Buck Chuck feat. Dee Dee Simon

Sugar Daddy debut artist 2 Buck Chuck returns with a great new song simmering with tempo and melody, and Dee Dee Simon nails it for good with her trademark brio.

Listen to 2 Buck Chuck & Dee Dee Simon singing “After Hours” on YouTube.

4. “You Know I Miss You”—-Jeter Jones

A worthy successor to Jeter’s trail-blazing “My Country Girl” from Trail Ride Certified. From J.J.’s new album “Mufassa”. See Daddy B. Nice’s 5-star CD Review.

Listen to Jeter Jones singing “You Know I Miss You” on YouTube.

5. “He Working Me (Over)”——CoCo Wade

A briskly-paced, one-of-a-kind ballad sweating with atmosphere. This is the more recent CoCo Wade of “Get Loose” and “Jump On It,” not to be confused with the more veteran Coco of “Crazy About You, Baby” and “Old Man’s Sweetheart”.

Listen to CoCo Wade singing “He Working Me Over” on YouTube.

6. “It’s Over”——Terry Wright & Vick Allen

How do you describe the amount of soul that can be contained in the voices of two men trained like ballerinas since childhood in their art?

Listen to Terry Wright and Vick Allen singing “It’s Over” on YouTube.

7. “Call Me Daddy”—–Omar Cunningham

The only thing I can’t figure out is… Do we call him “Daddy,” or don’t we call him “Daddy”?

Listen to Omar Cunningham singing “Call Me Daddy” on YouTube.

8. “I’m Sorry, Baby”—–Cheff Da Entertainer feat. Yoo Neek

You may be running for the exits on first listen, but give these young amateurs a chance and their deep-soul keyboard and brazen vocals may just engulf you in their rap/blues/bayou quicksand.

Listen to Cheff Da Entertainer and Yoo Neek singing “I’m Sorry, Baby” on YouTube.

9. “I’ll Be Down In A Minute”—–J’cenae feat. Wendell B.

What singer wouldn’t want Wendell B. singing back-up on her debut single? And it’s a good single, with a lot of staying power. Wendell must have been working on this project just about the time he was working on his superlative 2020 album, Real Talk.

Listen to J’cenae and Wendell B. singing “I’ll Be Down In A Minute” on YouTube.

10. “Ripping And Running”—–Narvel Echols

I’ve been watching Narvel Echols knock around since a decade ago with Luther Lackey on “Mississippi Twerk” and later, my favorite, the under-produced “Going Solo”. Now, with this new album Return Of The Country Boy, he’s finally coming into his own.

Listen to Narvel Echols singing “Ripping And Running” on YouTube.

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