Daddy B. Nice’s replies to Southern Soul fans’ letters

January 9, 2023:

Thank You’s, Looking For Songs, etc…


Daddy B Nice,

All I can say is “Thank You”
Your piece on Omar Cunningham leaves me at a loss for words!!
I’m more excited to see you’re still writing, your eye-sight must be better? I pray that it is. I’m not ready for Daddy B Nice to go away.
Thanks again and please keep in touch

Kim Cole

Daddy B. Nice notes:

Kim Cole compiled the impressively-long list of southern soul singles written by Omar Cunningham featured this month in Daddy B. Nice’s Songwriter Supreme.

Year In Review…


Your “year in review” is eagle-eyed on target. Cheers.

Blues Critic

Daddy B. Nice notes:

King George. It was his year…


Jaye Hammer

Good morning,

I’m looking to purchase a copy of Jaye Hammer’s album, work it on me. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.


Daddy B. Nice replies:

Sure. I’m going to walk you through the steps I’m taking. First I go to Jaye Hammer in the index, then to his artist guide, where I look in the right-hand column with the CD record visuals. As I continue to scroll down the page I find “Work It On Me” and click the hyper-link to “Buy”. Oh no! The page (Amazon) has been replaced by another artist’s album. It was too long ago, I’m afraid, Hammer’s first and long out of print. I’m assuming you’ve already checked Apple and the usual suspects. Ecko Records would have it but Hammer wasn’t with Ecko yet. And often the artists themselves can’t place their early work. About all you can do is monitor E-Bay and the rare record sites.

Daddy B. Nice

Music or Lyrics?

Hey Daddy B Nice!

As someone who’s constantly “judging music,” I want you to settle an argument between me and my friend. What is more important to the success of a record, the music or the lyrics?

Daddy B. Nice replies:

It’s all in how you define your terms, but if by music you mean the instrumental tracks and vocals, and if by lyrics you mean the words and themes…the music. Of course! I never knew what Mick Jagger was talking about in “(Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” and after enjoying “Jukebox Lover” for the better part of a year I still don’t what Tucka’s talking about. Granted, I don’t listen that closely. That’s because I’m having such a great time with the music. The exception, of course, is certain super hit singles like King George’s “Keep On Rolling,” Pokey’s “My Sidepiece,” Nellie Travis’ “Mr. Sexy Man” and Theodis Ealey’s “Stand Up In It,” where the lyrics take the songs to entirely different and stratospheric levels. But even those lyrics wouldn’t have seen the light of day without the music to make people stop and listen.



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