Daddy B. Nice’s replies to Southern Soul fans’ letters

May 25, 2023:

Frank Lucas

Hi Daddybnice,

Just ran across your site. We may have communicated a few years ago. I was looking at the time to get back in touch with Frank Lucas. I just saw on your site a posting that Frank may have passed away a year or two ago. Darn, that’s a shame. I really wanted to get back in touch with him. I and my partner produced and arranged a couple sides with him that we released back in 1978 or 79. I still have the 2″ master tapes that I would have loved to have gotten to him. If you know someone from his family, pass along my email address, and I ‘ll talk to them about getting the masters to them.


Michael Francis

Daddy B. Nice replies:

By happy coincidence, Michael, I just heard Frank Lucas singing “Good Thing Man” on the radio courtesy of my favorite deejay, DJ Ragman. Frank Lucas (the famous gangster) died a few years ago, making people think Frank “My Singing Ding-A-Ling” Lucas had passed. Subsequently, one of my readers reported Lucas the southern soul singer had indeed also gone on. This is what you probably read in the Frank Lucas artist guide, although that report has never been confirmed. I don’t know of any regularly-touring southern soul singers who knew him. Lucas was a fringe artist who made it in the southern soul market with his novelty hit, but little else is known. For that reason alone, I’ll post your letter and see if it stirs the pot for posterity. The previous letter-writer, for example, was familiar with friends or relatives of Lucas who would be interested in your largesse.

Listen to Frank Lucas singing “The Man With The Singing Ding-A-Ling” on YouTube.



May 25, 2023:



I am looking for a very old album (artist Steve Perry), he use to have a album maybe early in the 2000’s the name of the song I am looking for is (Party All Night Long) can you help

Daphne Steadman

Daddy B. Nice replies:

Daphne, I checked all of the usual places for Steve Perry, beginning with my own two artist guides Steve Perry #74 on the Original Top 100 Southern Soul (1990-2010) and Steve Perry #37 on the 21st Century Southern Soul (2000-2020). I checked the music sellers (including Apple), Perry’s “topic” page on YouTube and my own southern soul music archives with no results for “Party All Night Long”. I’m sure you know that Perry’s brand was severely eclipsed by the rock star of the same name, Steve Perry of the band Journey. And his albums, which are meticulously documented in the “About The Artist” section of 21st Century guide, will give you some clues (for example, “Party All Night Long” was released on the 2002 album SHE CAUGHT ME (Bluesland)). However, the albums had scant production and exposure. You need to talk to old-school types or watch the Concert Calendar for one of Perry’s occasional if rare live appearances, where you might be able to question the man himself. I’ll also put your query in Daddy B. Nice’s Mailbag in case any of my readers can help.



April 1, 2023:

Thank You’s, Looking For A Song, Looking To Book

Stephanie McDee wrote:

Here is my new song called “We Love Our Southern Soul”. Can you let me know when you receive it?

Stephanie McDee followed up:

Hi, how are you doing? Can you let me know your feedback?

Daddy B. Nice replies:

Awww it’s not fair. You never give me any feedback to MY feedback….!

Stephanie replies:

Heyyy you’re daddy b nice you don’t need feedback you’re the expert my feedback is nothing compared to yours. When daddy b nice speaks it’s the law in Southern Soul, it’s nothing else to be said after that plus everything you wrote about me I love it and I thank you so much for making me female vocalist of the year. That’s one of my biggest highlights since I returned back to Southern Soul coming from you, because you know past history of my music career going on 30 years when I was coming up with Jackie Neal and her father Raful Neal. Thanks again for all that you do for me, I truly appreciate it!!!


Daddy B. Nice replies:

Awww, you got me smiling. There for a minute I didn’t know if you were reading my stuff! I haven’t gotten to that song but you know I will!

See Stephanie McDee: Best Female Vocalist 2022.

Listen to Stephanie McDee singing “Let Me Take You There” on YouTube.


Money Waters writes:

Daddy B Nice!

Thank you so much for the nominations & supporting Jus Epik and Money Waters new Southern Soul hit “Country Girl”. If you need anything (drops, promo, etc) just let us know,

again thanks

Daddy B Nice replies:

Just send music to

Listen to Jus Epik and Money Waters singing “Country Girl” on YouTube.

See Best of 2022: #6-ranked Song of the Year “Country Girl” by Jus Epik & Money Waters


Looking For A Song:

Daddy B Nice,

First let me thank you for all the southern soul databases over the years. I DJ and you always help me stack my playlist and appreciate all you do.

Now I hope you can help me out with something. DJ Melvin is playing 2 songs that I can’t find anywhere.

T Marvin – Watch Ya Self
Mr David – Sugar Daddy

If you have any information, record label, correct song title, etc or where to buy would be greatly appreciated.


Daddy B. Nice replies:

I’m going to be honest. I haven’t had time to search for this song, but I’ll put it out there (in the Mailbag) to see what the readers have to say.


Re: Booking For Event


Are you available April 22, 2023 to play a private party at our venue?

What is your rate?

Thank you,

Daddy B. Nice replies:

You have me confused with the splendid and gutsy performers I write about. We writers are miserable wretches with soft-spoken voices that can’t carry across a jail cell much less a club venue!


March 13, 2023:

Thank You Letter (which leads to Avail Hollywood “Conversating” With Daddy B. Nice)

Re: Avail Hollywood #10 The New Generation

Number 10 is the bottom of the Beginning the top of the last’s … one would normally frown upon my Endeavor’s & Culturely Influencing This New Game of Southern Soul but not me I’m proud of what you consider to be your chart…. first off to you: the Wonderful Daddy B Nice.. Thanks through out the years of keeping up with the name AVAIL HOLLYWOOD I know it ain’t been easy because I probably have the biggest catalog in southern soul not only just for me— I have wrote and recorded legends-to your best acknowledges it means the world to me!?? if I could rate you I would rate you next to superb … not superb but next to it, but you are Definitely A Great Force of the Southern Soul Community!

I remember it like it was yesterday, some of my peers told me: NO JEANS, NO BASEBALL CAPS AVAIL!! Why does he wear shades, and cut the sleeves off his shirts, and what’s with the big CIGAR, During that time of 2008 every one singing Southern Soul wore Suits and the ladies wore dresses,…

You can’t use those RNB / HIP HOP bass lines in southern soul — he’s deluding Southern Soul… lol remember this Daddy B “IT JUST AINT NO SOUTHERN SOUL IN AVAIL HOLLYWOOD ” I loved that first article you wrote on me..

Then it was his show is to Nasty, Don’t curse, and his shows have too many show lights on stage and you don’t need stage smoke ?? for your performances LOL! NoW LOOK AT THE NEW GENERATION OF SOUTHERN SOUL. I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! They do all this and more!!!

This new wave of TikTok is a blessing, it has definitely gave artist a chance that before now wouldn’t have had this opportunity to be in front of the masses… in the same sense is the way I used facebook when I started, WHEN I SAY I HAD TO GET IT OUT THE MUDD I DON’T SAY THAT LOOSELY ..

…LET ME SAY THIS MY FANS HAS KEPT ME ALIVE I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART you just don’t understand how good they have been to me!!!…my god!!

IVE NEVER STEPPED FOOT ON THE BLUES IS ALRIGHT TOUR, NORE THE SPRING FLING AND THESE ARE THE SHOWS THAT HELP KEEP SOME OF MY CONSTITUENCES RELEVANT -in 15yrs of being in this Game.. I’ve always said those crowds are set crowds and a TICKET OF THE TOP TEIR ARTIST IN THE GAME — when you are one of the highest paid, and can last 15years and still pack houses like I, with out the help of big Annual shows really speak volumes — & and out of your top TEN IM THE ONLY 1 that hasn’t been on any of southern soul’s biggest platforms! It’s not to bost or to pump my chest like Tarzan!!
Lol which you know I love to do!…. KING!!!!!!

It’s just to show other artist you don’t have to be listed among the top TO REALLY BE THE TOP … GOD IS EVERYTHING

I LOVE YOU MR B NICE, keep doing your thang????

Daddy B. Nice replies:

Another blast! Thanks for checking in. You’re not alone among Top 10 New Generation artists not being invited to the Blues Is Alright Tour. Neither have Wendell, Jeter, T.K. and before this year when he finally broke in, J-Wonn. Can I post this?

Avail Hollywood replies:

I make no mistake when I tell you—- They have all in your TOP 9 New Generation— been apart of the BLUES IS ALRIGHT TOUR. OR Either THE SPRING FLING!! And that’s not a bad thing at all—THATS A GREAT THING IN MY EYES and they all ROCK!!

But I have not NOT either 1 and up until now I’m very much proud of that fact!!! But! One would think based off my remarks that I’ve never been invited—. Lol let me tell on myself -unfortunately I have, I was asked two years ago about the Spring Fling – but after being in the game 10 years and just now being asked… I thought to myself what’s the point …. Lol Maybe I was just in my feelings- what u think DADDY B?? LOL Feelings?? and I forgot to mention, maybe I asked for a lil to much Cash too!

Again this is not to tare down anyone of my soul brothers or sisters because I’m proud of everyone’s contribution to this thang we call southern soul — I just thought it might be a penny for your thought… and maybe it might inspire an up and coming artist- THAT THE GREATs Have OBSTACLES TOO! And yes u can post this!! Don’t have me writing all this for NOTHING MAN!!!

Daddy B. Nice replies:

My thought on that (the Blues Is Alright Tour) is you should call Julius and tell him, “I’m ready, man.” And work with him on the fee. The national exposure to be gained is tremendous! You’ve got the “jewels”. Don’t get bashful at this late date. Show those “jewels”!

Avail Hollywood replies:

You are 100% right Daddy B I just might do that!, Lol u know I hate admitting when you are RIGHT, just Kidding MAN… I have nothing but respect for the BLUES ALRIGHT as well as the SPRING FLING they both are absolutely beautiful as well as the TRI STATE that showed me mad love over the years! But you know I’m a SOUTHERN SOUL Renegade have and always will be. I LIKE THAT – IM START USING THAT southern soul renegade a*k*a* The King of Grownfolks Music Lol! Don’t get me started man! As always Good talking to you brother!



March 1, 2023:


Artist Ben Ether

Hello and top of the day to everyone at Daddy B. Nice. This is kelvin Austin AkA/Ben Ether. I’m trying to contact the person that lists artist music on the site. Here are my latest singles

How Do I Get on daddybnice charts

Hello daddybnice.

My name is Ben Ether. Im Host of The BluzBox with Ben Ether on KQPN 730am here in memphis on mon-wens-and Fri from 11am-2pm. And on WMQM 1600am our sister station every Saturday morning 11am-2pm. I’m an Artist also. Southern Soul/Blues & R&B. Hey can you guys please add me to the daddybnice charts. Or what do I need to do do to get on the charts. Im being played in a lot of places and I have solid online presence. Anyways here’s 2 of my songs in this email,, and 2 more in a separate one.. that have been played a lot all over the place. Ok thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you.
Thanks in advance.

How do I get my music on your charts

Hello this is Ben Ether, I’m an artist from memphis. I’m trying to get some of my hits on daddybnice southernsoul/blues charts. What criteria is needed for me to do that
Here are some of my songs. I’m already being played on quite a few radio stations.

Song from Ben Ether

Please add me to the charts
Artist name-(Ben Ether)

Daddy B. Nice replies:

I’m going to post your series of letters in the Mailbag, Ben, not to chastise you for blowing up my email (although that notion did cross my mind) but to make it worth my time in answering by including others who’ve sent me similar letters. So if at any time you feel like it’s a “scold,” please bear with me. By the end you’ll realize I’m telling you exactly what you want to know: what happens behind the scenes en route to the charts.

Are you asking me for a favor? The only reason I ask is because you already know how to submit your songs. You’re emailing ’em in.

Nope, can’t do that. Everybody’s treated the same. Because once it gets here it’s not about the people who made the music. It’s about the music. It’s about what we hear.

The thing to remember is there are approximately one hundred(!) new southern soul tunes submitted each month, and some we run down ourselves. That’s stiff competition. And to keep sending in a couple of your tunes for the better part of a year is to bang your head against the wall. Many of your fellow artists are sending in a dozen or more newly-minted songs in the same amount of time. If you don’t see your singles in the Top 10 or Top 40 in two months—three months at most—they didn’t make the cut.

(By the way, one of those two Ben Ether songs did make the charts. June 2022.
….37. “(Gotta Get To) My Baby’s House”—Ben Ether

I even wrote you a note, so I’m puzzled by that.)

But here’s how the process of selection works. We use our ears. And we don’t just concentrate on a song once and then move on. We use what I call “random repetition”. Each song that makes the initial “cut” (approximately fifty total) goes into the current playlist for the upcoming month, and that playlist runs on “shuffle” for at least two weeks, running while we’re doing all sorts of other work. It’s similar to listening to the radio or some app, the key ingredient being never knowing what you’re going to hear next.

The key is the repetitions and the randomness. It’s amazing how the ear tells you, “That is a keeper. I want to hear that again.” Or, conversely, “I’m getting tired of hearing that already. Not as good as I thought.” Gradually, as the first of the month nears, a smaller playlist, one with the best songs, emerges (“Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10), with the runners-up spilling over into the “Top 40”.

—Daddy B. Nice

See Daddy B. Nice’s Corner for the “Top 10 Singles & the “Top 40 Singles”.



February 5, 2023:


What’s up Daddy Nice?

Don’t know if you remember me from Peoria, Illinois, but I’m the one who introduced you to the song Mr. Willy about a year ago. Anyway, I have tried to no avail to get a copy of the song Mr. Big Stuff by Evette Busby. Can you by any chance send a MP3 copy of it to my email? If not, do you know where I can get a copy? I’d like to get it as soon as possible.

Thank you so much sir. I check out your top songs on a regular basis.

Happy New Year!

Dewayne Harris

Daddy B. Nice replies:

Yes, “Mr. Willy” became one of the top songs of the year. See Best Of 22. Thank you.

On the Busby single….did you try contacting Malaco Records?

Dewayne replies:

Actually I did contact Malaco Records last week, but they had no release date information.

I heard the song before Christmas and thought it would be out by now.


Daddy B. Nice replies:

Here’s a Malaco Records promo for Busby’s “Mr. Big Stuff”.

Dewayne replies:

HERE IT IS. Finally found it. Check it out!

Listen to Evette Busby singing “Mr. Big Stuff” on YouTube.


Daddy B. Nice notes:

Stephanie McDee currently resides on Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 Singles for “the first notable cover song of the year”. (“Girl You Got It,” a King George cover). It looks as if Evette Busby has the second.

Listen to Evette Busby singing “Mr. Big Stuff” on YouTube. (New video posted February 3rd).

Listen to Jean Knight singing the original “Mr. Big Stuff” on YouTube.



January 9, 2023:

Thank You’s, Looking For Songs, etc…


Daddy B Nice,

All I can say is “Thank You”
Your piece on Omar Cunningham leaves me at a loss for words!!
I’m more excited to see you’re still writing, your eye-sight must be better? I pray that it is. I’m not ready for Daddy B Nice to go away.
Thanks again and please keep in touch

Kim Cole

Daddy B. Nice notes:

Kim Cole compiled the impressively-long list of southern soul singles written by Omar Cunningham featured this month in Daddy B. Nice’s Songwriter Supreme.

Year In Review…


Your “year in review” is eagle-eyed on target. Cheers.

Blues Critic

Daddy B. Nice notes:

King George. It was his year…


Jaye Hammer

Good morning,

I’m looking to purchase a copy of Jaye Hammer’s album, work it on me. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.


Daddy B. Nice replies:

Sure. I’m going to walk you through the steps I’m taking. First I go to Jaye Hammer in the index, then to his artist guide, where I look in the right-hand column with the CD record visuals. As I continue to scroll down the page I find “Work It On Me” and click the hyper-link to “Buy”. Oh no! The page (Amazon) has been replaced by another artist’s album. It was too long ago, I’m afraid, Hammer’s first and long out of print. I’m assuming you’ve already checked Apple and the usual suspects. Ecko Records would have it but Hammer wasn’t with Ecko yet. And often the artists themselves can’t place their early work. About all you can do is monitor E-Bay and the rare record sites.

Daddy B. Nice

Music or Lyrics?

Hey Daddy B Nice!

As someone who’s constantly “judging music,” I want you to settle an argument between me and my friend. What is more important to the success of a record, the music or the lyrics?

Daddy B. Nice replies:

It’s all in how you define your terms, but if by music you mean the instrumental tracks and vocals, and if by lyrics you mean the words and themes…the music. Of course! I never knew what Mick Jagger was talking about in “(Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” and after enjoying “Jukebox Lover” for the better part of a year I still don’t what Tucka’s talking about. Granted, I don’t listen that closely. That’s because I’m having such a great time with the music. The exception, of course, is certain super hit singles like King George’s “Keep On Rolling,” Pokey’s “My Sidepiece,” Nellie Travis’ “Mr. Sexy Man” and Theodis Ealey’s “Stand Up In It,” where the lyrics take the songs to entirely different and stratospheric levels. But even those lyrics wouldn’t have seen the light of day without the music to make people stop and listen.



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