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December 10, 2021

Slow roll it song copyright

Pictured: The Love Doctor

I am seeking who ever owns the copyright and royalty to the song slow roll it. I’ve remade the song and want to publish it but I want it with the original artist playing in the background like I recorded it and want to see if it was possible to get permission to use it and contract stating all made off song will be slit 50/50 with us both and our estates. Please help me get to the rightful owner. It’s called slow roll it by Queen Clymaxxx in youtube. I appreciate your time and assistance and may God bless you indeed.

Queen Clymaxxx

Daddy B. Nice replies:

Sorry for the delay, Queen Clymaxxx. You may have this all worked out by now, but if not, here’s what you need to know.

There are two ways performers, writers and producers can protect their property, and both are called “copyrighting”. Compositions (the underlying structure of the song, including melodies, lyrics, chords, etc.) are called “publishing rights,” while Sound Recordings (the fixed master recording and/or audio file) are called “master rights.” Music publishers and songwriters control the publishing rights. Record labels and recording artists (if they own the label) own and control the master rights.

In your case, you may have to seek permission from as many as three entities. Written by Sir Charles Jones (entity 1), performed by The Love Doctor (entity 2), and released in 2001 on Mardi Gras Records (entity 3), “Slow Roll It” became one of the undisputed Southern Soul “classics” of the new millennium. (You can hear Sir Charles, by the way, singing background on the track.) Getting to Lewis Clark (The Love Doctor) and Charles Jones—or their intermediaries—would be one way to solve your problems. If that isn’t feasible, you can contact music organizations like BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated) and ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), which track requests for use of the artists’ material. And if that proves difficult, your last recourse is to hire a specialist, a copyright lawyer who deals in music.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Read Daddy B. Nice’s The Love Doctor (The Impact Of “Slow Roll It”)


December 1, 2021


RE: Looking For A Song: Is It Dee Dee Simon?

Lionel replies:

I heard the song on another channel on youtube, i would have sent you the link for that where the d j tells you it’s dee dee Simon & you could obtain the song via her website? but i can’t find it? is there more than one dee dee Simon? I thought you knew her personally that’s why i was asking you if you knew the song & what’s her website where i could purchase the song!


A reader responds:

Hello Daddy B.

I saw the question on your site about Dee Dee ‘s song “SOUL BEAUTIFUL” . That is actually one of her song titles from The SOUL MATE Album. ..Soul Mate is one of two albums in which she released on The same day back in Jan of 2020. Now although “Soul Beautiful” is also one of The T tracks but there’s also The Album Titled Track “Soul Mate”. The Name of The Other Album is Titled “AHH HELL QUEEN DEE”

DJ Melle Mel

That Lady DJ Productions

Daddy B. Nice replies:

Thanks so much, Mel. Yes, I do remember the album now. I forgot it because it was more urban r&b than southern soul like Ahh Hell Queen Dee. But I can see now how it fit into the mixtapes Lionel was listening to in England, which were more mainline r&b than southern soul-oriented.

And Lionel, yes! I did talk with Dee Dee Simon at a concert a few days ago. However, we had so much on our plate we didn’t get to it. But………..good news! I finally found the place you can buy it.

Buy Dee Dee Simon’s Soul Mate album (including “Soul Beautiful”) at Payhip. 

December 1, 2021

RE: Prominent DJ’s Seeking New Artist Submissions!

daddy b nice

thanks, can you pass my email on to these southern soul artists so I can get some of their music, some of the artists have some really good songs but they don’t send them to me, I would really appreciate you letting them know.


Bobby O’Jay


Daddy B. Nice notes: Bobby O’Jay is a longtime deejay synonymous with Memphis radio.

Daddy B Nice

I see a lot of artists and songs in your top ten list, that I do not have. So I miss out a great many songs and artists. I tried contacting some on social media, and some respond some don’t. Some have music to retail on amazon, some do not have the digital mp3 version available for download that makes it difficult to get them airplay, if they are not servicing radio. IS there any way you can mention or ask radio folks to send their emails and ask artists/labels to service a radio list send out?

Cassie J. Fox


Daddy B. Nice notes: Cassie J. Fox is a well-known syndicated deejay hosting Soul of the Blues with Cassie J. Fox.


Feedback, comments, information or questions for Daddy B. Nice?

Write to:

November 11, 2021

Readers Respond To: “White” Southern Soul Songs

Pictured: Sir Charles Jones 

Daddy B Nice, 

I read your piece about “Are there any “White” Southern Soul songs out there? My answer is going to be naturally controversial, mainly because a great deal of people listen to reply instead of hearing to learn. I was informed many years ago, that I would be surprised as to the number of White bands who are waiting in the wings for Southern Soul to break; in the same light these bands acculturated the Blues. It will work in the same way the Hip Hop/Designer fashion industry works. From a marketing standpoint, fashion was meted out to Black youths first. Once it was totally adapted, adopted and made profitable by these Black youths, then it was widely accepted by teenagers worldwide. Hip Hop fashion has never been marketed the other way around. The same will happen with the genre Southern Soul. Taken from the last shows here in Atlanta, about 1/4th of the audience was White. So, it is appreciated by that audience. However, until we break it as a mainstream and viably profitable genre (which by the way is at the commercial crossroads) it will not be picked up or accepted by and from White bands, respectfully, until this is done. Once, we as a Southern Soul community come together and use our strengths in a concentrated power effort, our goal will be accomplished. 

Jerry King 

Daddy B. Nice notes: Jerry King is an Atlanta-based southern soul entrepreneur. 

“White” Southern Soul?

Dear Daddy B Nice, 

As always, I read your news letters with great interest and in the October issue you were asked about white southern soul. Some 10 years ago a Swedish jazz musician, Jakob Nordgren, released this records with the in Sweden very well known blues singer Sven Zetterberg as vocalist and three sisters as back up singers. He called the project The Emersons. At that time I was listening to a lot of Southern Soul as the editor of the Swedish blues magazine Jefferson, and it struck me immediately “what, a Swedish southern soul recording?” I sent a copy to John Ward of Ecko asking about his opinion. He kindly replied something like this “it can never apply as nobody understands what he is singing about”. I asked Jakob about the recording and if he was aware of the similarities he said he just used synthesizers and loops and was grateful for my interest in the recording. What do You think, is this the first white modern day Southern Soul? 

Listen to The Emersons singing “Swings & Roundabouts” on YouTube. 

Yours truly 

Anders Lillsunde 

Daddy B. Nice replies: Very interesting, Anders. Certainly is a soulful record. Are you okay with me posting it in the Mailbag? 

Anders Lillsunde replies: 

I’ll be very proud of your posting. 

Daddy B. Nice notes: Anders Lillsunde was the editor of the Swedish-based Jefferson Blues Magazine when it covered and promoted southern soul music much more than it does at the present time. 


November 10, 2021

The Night Affair Band Info

Hello Daddy B. Nice,

The Night Affair Band is from The Belton-Honea Path area and the Greenville area of South Carolina. To my knowledge they still exist, although like many others, sidelined by covid. The song “Take You Home,” still my fave, should’ve been a bigger hit in Southern Soul, but then again, the promotions person may have not had very many radio people’s email addresses.

I see alot of artists and songs in your top ten list, that I do not have. So I miss out a great many songs and artists. I tried contacting some on social media, and some respond some don’t. Some have music to retail on amazon, some do not have the digital mp3 version available for download that makes it difficult to get them airplay, if they are not servicing radio.

IS there any way you can mention or ask radio folks to send their emails and ask artists/labels to service a radio list send out?

Some have labels, some don’t so its difficult to do promotions and write/record and perform. I see names listed at award shows or nominations, I’ve never even heard of them or their music. Jerry Mason Mason Media Services – aka Jay Boogie provides a nice send out service, with reasonable prices.

Heres’ a phone number for a member listed as “J” with Night Affair. He tagged me on Facebook with it in a comment section. I told them that “Daddy B. Nice” wanted more info on them”. Their manager or rep used to be at an address or title called So Bold Entertainment. They are on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and you tube. Looks like a Georgia prefix. I’ll check around their social pages to see if they have any bookings or still intact. J can give you more in depth info. Hope this helps you.

Cassie J. Fox

Soul of the Blues with Cassie J. Fox

Daddy B. Nice notes:

Listen to The Night Affair Band singing “Drink Of You” on YouTube.


November 4, 2021

Looking For A Song Letters:

J-Wonn CD

How can I order j wonn cd?


Daddy B. Nice replies:

Here’s J-Wonn’s product on Apple Music.

(Click here.)

Lady J – Same Old Bullshit


I have been searching high and low for Lady J’s “Same Old Bullshit”. I Googled it, searched iTunes, YouTube and other platforms. It is no where to be found. Can you tell me where I might find it?


Daddy B. Nice replies:

Join the crowd. I get a request for this two-decade-old record every couple of months, and it’s been going on for years. What I want to know is… Where are all you people hearing it? What deejay plays this? How do you even know about it? I have an entire Artist Guide devoted to it. I found a snippet of the Sneakin’ Love album (from which “Same Old Bullshit” is taken) on YouTube: Lady J – Sneakin’ Love LP Sampler (199x) Indie R&B LA but it doesn’t include “Same Old Bullshit”. It does Have “Part Time Lover” (listed as “Part Time Love” on the album credits), which is my favorite Lady J tune because it reminds me of the romantic days when I was first discovering southern soul music. It’s also reprised in its entirety on this page:

Listen to Lady J singing “Part Time Lover” on YouTube.

I stumbled upon a Discogs page, but I think they are just memorializing the information off the original 1999 release. I also found a page on Amazon—same thing—data but no music.

Furlinda replies:

I heard this years ago and I was talking to a friend about it. I wanted her to hear it. I have loved blues since my teen….thanks to my mom…. Lol.

Thank you for getting back in touch with me.

Dee Dee Simon Song

Hello! I’m in England Uk & I’ve heard a song by Dee Dee Simon called i think, so beautiful! Or beautiful! Do you know anyway i can get it in England?



Daddy B Nice replies:

Dee Dee Simon has recorded across a spectrum of genres—including more than a few songs not considered southern soul—but I don’t think I’ve ever heard one centered around the word “beautiful”. Are you sure it’s Dee Dee Simon? Do you remember any other lyrics from it?

Arthur Young Funky Forty CD

I am trying to buy Arthur Young Funky Forty cd. I can actually play on my cd player at home. I do not wish to download it and play it from the cloud or mp3. Is there any information you may have for me to purchase this cd? You are very much appreciated. Thank you for the help.

Ms. M. White.

Daddy B Nice replies:

I’m afraid there is no recourse but to buy the digital version. Some people have reported the death of CD’s. Some people say vinyl albums are coming back. Neither report is wholly accurate. Actually, the real reason you cannot find a CD version is the fault (or choice?) of the artist, Arthur Young, who made a conscious decision to save money by only offering his work in mp3 format.



October 12, 2021

RE: “White” Southern Soul Songs

Hello Daddy!

I was wondering with southern soul gaining in popularity and even getting some attention from white folks, are there any white-performed songs you’d classify as southern soul or essentially southern soul? The song that got me thinking about this was “Born On the Bayou” by Creedence. They also did “Proud Mary,” of course, covered by the great Tina Turner. Would you be up to a short list?


Daddy B. Nice replies:

Oh yeah.

Listen to Grayson Hugh singing “Talk It Over” on YouTube.

Listen to The Righteous Brothers singing “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” on YouTube.

Listen to The Band singing “The Weight” on YouTube.

Listen to The Young Rascals singing “Groovin'” on YouTube.

Listen to Johnny Rivers singing “Baby I Need Your Loving” on YouTube.

Listen to The Doobie Brothers featuring Michael McDonald singing “What A Fool Believes” on YouTube.

Listen to Boz Scaggs singing “Loan Me A Dime” on YouTube.

Listen to The Bee Gees singing “Stayin’ Alive” on YouTube.

Bentley replies:

Awesome. Thank you so much Daddy B Nice!!


September 10, 2021

Re: Southern Soul Newsletter September 2021

Hello there and good evening to ya. This is Charles Boomer AKA 2BUCKCHUCK…..And I really do love the write up that you prepared for Karen Wolfe’s new Song “I’ll leave the light on!” Most importantly, a lot of people don’t know that her Commercial sound as you described it, comes from My production, 2BuckChuck, and written by that National acclaimed writer and producer, Dee Dee Simon. We do appreciate your words of encouragement and truth. That song has intended to do exactly what it has done. Karen Wolfe delivered extremely well, And we do agree that yes…. it is the best evidence yet, that she’s bound to succeed. Keep up the great work, And we have so much more in store for you.


2Buck, Dee Dee Simon. 

Daddy B. Nice replies: 

Thank you, 2 Buck! Thank you, Dee Dee! 

See Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 Singles September 2021. 

2 Buck Chuck replies: 

Indeed yes SIRRRRRRRR… 



August 14, 2021

RE: Do You Have A List Of Stations That Play Southern Soul?

Pictured: Tucka

Just discovered your website, and it looks interesting…Maybe you already have something like this on the site and I haven’t found it yet. But in case you don’t, I’d like to see a list of radio stations that play southern soul and can be streamed. Seattle, where I live, is a pleasant city, but it’s also a very white city. I currently stream blues and R&B shows on WWOZ New Orleans, WEVL Memphis, and KDHX St. Louis, but I’m always on the lookout for more stations to stream. Thank you.


Daddy B. Nice replies:

Yes, I do, Andrew. Go to my LINKS page to find a number of stations where you can stream southern soul. These type of pages have fallen in disfavor in the last decade (maybe that’s why you didn’t find it) and I have to admit I haven’t updated the site links in a while, but it will get you started. I didn’t recognize any of the stations you said you currently stream, so I’m a little (and maybe mistakenly) skeptical of their content. It is so important to get the “real thing” when you’re talking about southern soul. For instance, you mentioned a station in Memphis I’m not familiar with, while the majority of local southern soul fans in the area listen to WDIA in Memphis.

If you try no other station, you must listen to the “Grand-Daddy of All Southern Soul stations,” the station that turned my life around a quarter-century ago and made me an advocate for southern soul, WMPR, Jackson, Mississippi. As far as I know, it is still the only station in America that plays southern soul on a daily basis. Almost all the other stations specialize in weekend—that is, Saturday—programs. WMPR Jackson (started and managed by the late Charles Evers, brother of slain civil rights legend Medgar Evers) plays gospel in the mornings, but at 1 pm Central Time Zone every afternoon they feature southern soul music with the legendary DJ Ragman. DJ Handyman takes over later in the afternoon, but he is sometimes co-opted by community programming. These two deejays have forgotten more about southern soul and the blues (as it’s played in the South) than most “experts” will ever know. And don’t forget to check out national syndicators (also listed in the LINKS page) like Rojene Bailey, Cassie Fox and JazziA, who are aired in surprising places all over the nation.

August 7, 2021

Re: Arthur Foy

Please help us to replace the CD we purchased from you titled “I Like Kissing On You” $8.99. We initially spoke with a female. We’d love to purchase more and if you have them on a thumb drive, it’s better for the Veterans.

We’re Caregivers and Disabled Veterans and love these blues. We wish to have this on CD and a thumb drive as well.

Please help us as our cd is scratched. We hope that you will give us a call.


Caregiver / Veterans Administration
Disabled Veteran / Wounded Warrior

Daddy B. Nice replies:

My daughter is retired career military (pilot in Marines, Coast Guard) and thankfully she was never wounded or disabled. So from your Daddy B. Nice and I’m sure all of my readers…we appreciate the sacrifices made by the veterans you represent.

Regarding your question about the Arthur Foy CD, I am sure you never bought it from me because I never had it for sale. Having said that, I love me some Arthur Foy. The only Foy single I have in my library (and the only one I was ever able to get) is “Don’t Stop My Party”.

But the good news is that the album I Like Kissing On You, including “Don’t Stop My Party” produced by the legendary Carl Marshall, is available on Amazon (click the link). The audio CD is pricey ($79.95, only two copies available) but there’s an audio cassette (again only two copies available) for $5.97. I hope this helps.

Buy Arthur Foy’s out-of-print I Like Kissing On You CD at Amazon.

Read Daddy B. Nice’s Artist Guide to Arthur Foy.

Bobby replies:

Good afternoon,

Thank you so much for your response.
We first want to thank your daughter and the entire family for serving this great Nation, her sacrifices in every endeavor and I have to say God bless you all.

We were able to find the CD, no thumb drive as of yet, but we can download this to one. It must have been someone at Susie Q but this new one came from another vendor and was only $12.99. Initially, we saw this at Amazon and one other establishment for more than $800.00, but cannot understand why the cost.

Again, thank you for a response and for continually being there.

Take care, stay safe:)

August 4, 2021

What happen to lady j why we cannot find and buy her music?


how can i order lady j same old bullshit going down song


Daddy B. Nice replies:

You just missed a big round of letters and replies a few months ago. The records are out of print. Keep watching those YouTube videos! In the meantime, check out what I’m talking about with Lady J’s What Goes Around Comes Around.Or…if you have an extra thousand bucks burdening your pocketbook, there’s always the sole copy of Lady J’s Sneakin’ Love for only $902.81! Well, now that you’re probably totally freaked out, here’s something a little more sensible: a site where you can download Lady J’s album MISSING YOU. with my all-time, favorite Lady J tune and vocal: “Part Time Lover”.

July 14, 2021

Re: Roy Roberts bluesman, “Chocolate Cowboy” and soul artist

Hi Daddy B Nice,

Thought you might enjoy reading this about Roy. He is getting ready to drop a Country and Country Soul album.

Amazing tale of Roy Roberts, bluesman cowboy with soul.

Daddy B Nice replies:

Thanks, I’ll give this interview some publicity and a link-to in next month’s NEWS AND NOTES.

Cassie J. Fox replies:

Thank you Daddy B. Nice, we appreciate it! Its exciting time for black artists in country & country soul right now. More social media access to these artists and press. Roy played in white country bars/venues from 1980-89′ As Himself (Chocolate Cowboy) and with O. B. Miclinton as his bandleader. CMT Star Rissi Palmer is from North Carolina, like Roy, Darius Rucker from South Carolina. There’s also an active twitter site called Black Opry, and I have plans to promote him there. Also a Black Country Music Association from Nashville. Cleve Edwards-physician by trade, and a Liberty Records artists from the 90’s founded it I believe.

Also the first black women to sing on the Grand Ol Opry is Linda Martell -Thelma Bynum-real name. She is from here in South Carolina, about 45 minute drive from us. She could SANG too. Yodel & Sing. She worked with Shelby Singleton-Legendary producer, appeared on Hee Haw too. Her granddaughter is trying to raise funds for a bio/documentary. Linda does have a star on The Nashville Country Music walk of Fame, well deserved too. I had a causal interviewd her about 10 years ago for news print article. They wanted to hack it up, so i never sent it in. I hope to get with “politician” a representative from her district. to declare a street or day in her hometown, she’s never been really recognized properly in South Carolina.

I’ll continue to copy and past your reviews and articles on social media. Its nice to have a consistent voice of authority and knowledge to bring these artists and their music to the public. I’m seeing more down south soul folks on twitter as well. We’d like to do some adverts, when our budget allows, one for my shows & Roy’s Music.

Just picked up an FM 94.5 In Montgomery,AL WUMO-FM my synd show will air there & stream too. Brett Ringgold is owner/ programmer. Also my synd show airs in UK and Germany on net & FM station on the weekend. Its also simulcasting on Nutt Brown’s LP FM stations Monday morns: KJUK, KZZC, KTHN-FM Texas and Arkansas, Upper Louisiana.

PS: Grown Folks” and Grown Folks Music” (from your last “news and notes”) thats one of my main tags on my social media posts & tweets for the last few years.

Thank You for ALL you do for these artists & Labels. I sure hope they realize how important your vast contributions are to their careers and this subgenre of music.You are giving them a voice, they normally wouldn’t have.


“Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

July 10, 2021

Why is artist WESTLOVE not on Southern Soul RnB?

What’s going on? She appeared one time at number 7 on the chart.


Daddy B. Nice replies:

If you’re following a particular performer’s citations on these pages, go to Daddy B Nice’s Comprehensive Index. Scroll down to West Love and you’ll be automatically linked to her latest charting in Daddy B. Nices Top 10 Singles as follows:

Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 “BREAKING” Southern Soul Singles For. . .

——-JULY 2021——-

…3. “Down In The Kuntry” —– Stan Butler feat. West Love

I’ve been suggesting Stan adopt his “Cowboy Ride” persona (both performance-wise and vocally) and in “Kuntry,” assisted by the powerful and gritty West Love,he kills it. This is his path to stardom, and this is a candidate for Best Duet of the Year.

Listen to Stan Butler and West Love singing”Down In The Kuntry” on YouTube.

And by the way, once West Love publishes her first solo album, she will get her own Daddy B Nice Artist Guide.

July 1, 2021

Why Do You Focus Only On Jeter Jones?


Why do you focus only on Jeter Jones?!?!

We are just wondering – nothing against Jeter! Is he your client or something?!

Streetz989ATL 24/7

Daddy B. Nice replies:

That’s what I do. Raise ’em up. That is, raise up deserving artists and celebrate their accomplishments. Jeter Jones is only the latest. This is nothing I haven’t done before at pivotal “tipping” points in their careers with Sir Charles Jones and T.K. Soul, with Mel Waiters and Peggy Scott-Adams and Roy C and Vick Allen and L.J. Echols. And when I make a drawing it’s like the southern soul version of being on the cover of “Rolling Stone”. Only it’s the unrecognized black artist who’s being “raised” and caricatured and memorialized for posterity, not the often undeserving white musicians who get the hog’s share of national publicity.

In spite of your aside that it’s “nothing against Jeter,” your comment that I focus “only on Jeter Jones” implies that Jeter isn’t deserving. But as I mention in my latest CD Review of Jeter Jones’ Trailride Certified 2, how can anyone not be amazed by the four—count ’em, four!—quality albums Jones has released in the last year? This is an unprecedented run.

And as to focusing “only” on Jeter Jones, I’ll direct your attention to my year-end wrap-ups (“The Year In Southern Soul”). Last year I celebrated Wendell B’s domination. The year before (2019) it was Tucka’s time to shine. In 2018 I feted Sir Charles Jones. And the year before that (2017) Big Pokey Bear was the deserving object of my largesse. Either you’ve been with me only a short time, or you have a short memory, but hey, I appreciate the tough questions and always relish the opportunity for a good rant. Thanks for writing in, and keep ’em comin’!

Streetz989ATL 24/7 replies:

No, Jeter is an Awesome Entertainer

June 17, 2021

Re: Mizz Lowe & Bobby Rush

Daddy B. Nice had written in June 12th’s “News & Notes”: 

“Bobby Rush is back on a southern soul record for a change, doing voice-overs on Mizz Lowe’s “I Ain’t Giving Up My Love” in the same amusing way he did a generation ago on Vickie Baker’s “I Don’t Want You To Leave Your Wife.” What I’m trying to remember but can’t is if Mizz Lowe is Rush’s longtime, devastating, onstage, booty-rolling dancer.” 

David Whiteis replies: 

Yes, she’s Bobby’s dancer. 

Anders Lilsunde replies: 

Yes, she is the dancer. In 2008 when everybody was running after Bobby, I decided to do an interview with his 2 dancer: Mizz Lowe and JazziiA for Swedish Jefferson Blues Magazine. The interview led to a fruitful cooperation with Jazzii who contributed from inside the Southern Soul World to Jefferson until 2014 when I resigned as editor and the magazine after that dropped southern soul as a subject. 

Yours truly 

Anders Lillsunde 

Daddy B. Nice replies: 

Thank you both. David Whiteis is the author of Southern Soul Blues and Always The Queen: The Denise LaSalle Story. Anders Lillsunde is the former editor of Jefferson Blues Magazine. I did not realize Jazzi A was a former Bobby Rush dancer. She did some terrific interviews for Anders at Jefferson Blues. 

Anders Lillsunde replies: 

JazziiA played to role as the “old hen” during her time as a Bobby Rush dancer. 

Anders Lillsunde 

Watch Mizz Lowe dancing to Bobby Rush live onstage on YouTube. 

Listen to Mizz Lowe (feat. Bobby Rush) singing “I Ain’t Giving Up My Love” on YouTube.



June 1, 2021

RE: Frank Lucas (Reportedly passed away.)

I just read the question in your mailbag about Frank Lucas. He passed away either last year or the year before. After the year that we just had it is hard to remember and figure out between the two. It was quiet, but I work with someone that married into his family, and he mentioned it to me. 


Daddy B. Nice replies: 

Thank you so much for the information. I’ll post your letter and hopefully get some confirmation. 

Sandra replies: 

I saw that you posted my response to the Frank Lucas mail piece. At work, the family member that i talked about told me that Mr. Lucas is buried in LeGrange, NC. The town is near Kingston, NC. He also shared more things with me. He told me that Mr. Lucas was buried in a Cadillac coffin. If you go to Google and put in the search, Frank Lucas coffin, you will see it, along with Mr. Lucas in it. He went away in style. 

Sandra replies a second time: 

The Frank Lucas that I am referring to is the American Gangster one. i was just told that the one singing is not the same one. ?????? I’m lost…… 

Daddy B. Nice replies: 

Ahhh, that’s why I said, “I’ll post and hopefully get some confirmation.” I imagine there’s nothing worse than being alive and reading that you’re dead. Yes, I’ve long been aware of the other Frank Lucas, famous gangster, but he didn’t cross my mind when you first wrote me. I’ll post this exchange so that fans of the singer Frank Lucas realize he has not passed away. Thanks! 

Listen to Frank Lucas singing “The Man With The Singing Ding-A-Ling” on YouTube. 


June 1, 2021

Unheralded Producer Letter: Donovan E. Scott

Hello, Daddy B-Nice! 

I’ve been sending you music for a while now, but I never introduced myself. I’ve been laying low and doing what I love to do, which is write. I’m the author of fifteen novels, and in addition to that— I write music. My husband is a southern soul blues producer named Donovan E. Scott. Not bragging, but he’s a hardworking man and sooo talented.

He’s been in the industry for over ten years. He’s worked with so many talented individuals including Karen Wolfe (Girls Night Out), J-wonn (I Got This Record), Jureesa McBride (The Duchess), Kesha Vet Boyd (Miss Lady Blues), DeMond Crump, King Fred, Marquee of Soul, Sebastian Gowdy, Greg P, Bridget Shields, Stephanie Luckett, Shelby Hosey( Shell-B) and countless others. We’ve done many projects together, which I wrote and he produced. Here’s a list— 
Southern Soul Party— Rosalyn Candy 
Get It Up— Miss Lady Blues 
Outside Woman- Shell-B 
Come on In- Shell-B 
Party Hard— Shell-B 
Can’t Be Playing— Jureesa McBride 
And many other songs that the artists haven’t released yet. 
So, thank you for accepting the songs that I send you. 

Also here’s one from Shell-B that was released not long ago. 


Daddy B Nice notes: 

I’m always available to shine a light on the deserving people behind the scenes. Jennifer and I had a personal exchange when this letter first came in, but ironically as I was just getting ready to post it, I double-checked my own (Daddy B. Nice’s) Comprehensive Index, and Donovan E. Scott is in it! Also a D. Scott. Unfortunately, both have faulty links, so I couldn’t find what he was cited for. 

May 13, 2021

Correction: J.T. Watkins (Artist Guide) Song , “Love To See You Smile”

The Song was originally recorded by Bobby Blue Bland in 1978. Nineteen years before J .T. Watkins made it.

(See) Bobby “Blue” Bland’s “Love To See You Smile”


Daddy B. Nice replies:

(I had written…)

These days most knowledgeable fans associate “Love To See You Smile” with Artie “Blues Boy” White, who recorded the song in 2004 with such dexterity many assume it originated with him. But it was J. T. Watkins who first recorded the song in 1997 for the venerable Ace Records.

I had flat-out forgotten about Bobby “Blue” Bland’s original recording. Thank you, Peter, as always, for keeping me honest.

May 3, 2021

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Lady J CD

How can i get Lady J cd sneakin love 1999 could you send me one i can’t find it on the internet.

Daddy B Nice replies:

I feel your pain. You’re one of many who write in about this. Don’t give up on googling. The album is sometimes available. By coincidence, I just wrote a piece about Lady J in the Corner “News & Notes” April 2021.

Blues Show

Hello do u have a weekly blues show?


Daddy B Nice replies:

Sorry. I do not.

Re: Southern Soul Newsletter – April 2021

Good evening. Hope all is well. I have been DJing for almost 30 years and I have nearly every genre of music there is. I have a fantastic collection of Southern Soul but I am looking for more. Is there a record pool service you know of that services Southern Soul Music? I would greatly appreciate any information you might have. Thanks and have great weekend.

Daddy B Nice replies:

Sorry, I don’t know of any record pool service for southern soul. I do get the question more often of late. It may be because of the difficulty of pulling together so many indie labels and artists.

Frank Lucas

Hi Daddybnice,

I came across your website while looking for Frank Lucas. You seem to have somewhat new info about Frank. I arranged and produced a couple singles with Frank in 1979, after his hit with Good Thing Man. (Attached is the label from Your Love Got Me High that we produced for Frank.) And then haven’t heard from him since about that time.

Do you have any contact info for Frank? If you do, can I get it, or can you let him know that I’m looking for him. I’d like to give him the 2″ master tapes from his sessions with us for “Ding Dong” and “Your Love Got Me High”. Let me know if you have any luck. And please give him my contact info.



Daddy B. Nice replies:

I do hear from Frank or one of his “people” every year or two, but my e-mail search couldn’t dredge up any of those letters or contact addresses. I’ll post your query on the Mailbag page (without any of your contact information, of course) in the hopes that someone else may see it and contact me, in which case I’ll forward the info to you.

Michael replies:

Thank you very much, that would be appreciated.

April 12, 2021

No Calvin and No Avail!!


I saw a post on Facebook about the new generation, to my surprise you missing two of the top contenders in southern soul, I’ve been following southern soul since the JT and Tyrone Davis days…. 

Calvin and Availas well as Tucka n Pokey are the reason us women still come to southern soul shows the guys pack out venues and have multiple songs that have millions of views on YouTube … however I do agree with your list to some extent … but these two should have definitely been in the top 5 these guys are real soul singers and still selling music… u should probably follow these two more 


Daddy B. Nice replies: 

Hey, I really appreciate your insights, and I’ll probably reply a little more in a few days. But I wanted you to know that I just posted an article about why I don’t have Calvin there. Check it out and tell me what you think. I’m really curious about your reaction. 

P.S. Avail’s coming… 

Ninna replies: 

Hello sir, thanks for your write back! I totally get it now after reading the article . Yes yes I agree 100 percent … I’ve all ways said Calvin and Avail where more polished for Rnb than most southern soul singers not to take away from any other southern soul artist because I love them all. Jwonn is also a very polished singer and artist that could easily cross over. 

But I love the article on Calvin you hit the nail on the head, and I can see the same with Avail 

Also look out for female artist West Love I’m loving what she has to offer to southern soul 

Thanks for the write back again sir. 


April 1, 2021

Thank You Letter

Greetings Daddy B Nice,

I would just like to take the time to thank you for listening and acknowledging my music. I know Hip Hop is not the most popular when it comes to blending it with Southern Soul. But I hope the fans can see, that since 2014, I have put real time and effort into bridging the gap between Hip Hop and Southern Soul. Although I’m a rapper, I’m still in that same juke joint, hole in the wall or backyard as any other artist. I’ve seen more and more rappers come into this field, and I would like to think I had something to do with that. To see a Hip Hop fused Southern Soul song, my latest single, (Take Your Time), reach number one on your charts shows growth. It gives me the hope that if done right, and done with genuine passion, that people will be receptive of the music.

Lastly I would like to say artists like Black Zack, Big Money and Grandmaster Slice are trailblazers as it pertains to this “Hip Hop Soul,” and if they are reading this, I just want to say thank you as well. Again thank you for all that you do….. Niiiiiccccceeeee

Joe Nice

Daddy B. Nice notes:

Joe Nice scored the #1 Southern Soul Single with “Take Your Time” (feat. Sean Dolby) in March 2021.

Listen to Joe Nice and Sean Dolby singing “Take Your Time” on YouTube.


April 1, 2021:

Looking For A Song Letter

Need Help In Finding This Song

I don’t know all the lyrics, but I do have some in bits and pieces and not in the correct order:

I don’t go to the movies
I don’t turn on the TV
If loving you honey is all on my mind tonight
If loving you baby us all on my mind tonight
I know you don’t believe me
Wait don’t rush me
Loving you thats all my mind
I not goana let you go
Your mother got the kind and she said they can stay

That’s all I got.


Daddy B. Nice replies:

I’m stumped, Marsha. I’ll post your letter and see if we get any response.


March 13, 2021

Denise LaSalle ALWAYS THE QUEEN Correction

Greetings –

I hope you are well and safe!

It turns out that Ms. LaSalle misidentified the name of the club she was performing in, as shown in the photo on pg. 134 of Always the Queen. She remembered it as the High Chaparral; it was actually the Burning Spear at 5521 South State Street in Chicago, which was owned by WVON DJs E. Rodney Jones and Pervis Spann. It’s the same club where Jones presented her with her Gold Record for “Trapped By A Thing Called Love” – that photo is also on pg. 134.

The correction has already been made in the e-book version of the autobiography, and if there are any reprintings of the physical book, it will be there, too. Nonetheless, I want to get the word out as much as possible; it really means a lot to me to clarify this, because I’m sure it was simply an honest mistake / slip of the tongue on her part. She was no longer around for me to run the final draft by her so there was no opportunity for her to correct it, which I’m sure she would have done.

Can you please run this correction on your page? It would mean a lot to me, and to her memory.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

David Whiteis

Daddy B. Nice notes:

Buy David Whiteis’s autobiography of Denise LaSalle at University of Illinois Press.



March 6, 2021

South Florida Wants Southern Soul Concerts!

Pictured: J-Wonn

Staff and promoters, we the people and adamant fans of southern soul music and it`s meaning. However there has not been a southern soul concert held in south Florida ( Miami, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa,Orlando) since i DON`T KNOW WHEN.!!!!!. Can we get a concert of some of those blues artist here? The weather is always nice here especially if it`s an outdoors event. Thanks for the consideration of having a tour through our part of the world.


Daddy B. Nice replies:

I love South Florida (except for the crazy drivers), Kurt, and I’m really fond of Fort Lauderdale. Just a month ago, I had a request for a “Daddy B. Nice Appreciation Party” in St. Petersburg, and I can put you in touch with that promoter if you like. But in general, talk to your local people with entrepreneurial skills. You’re a little off the beaten track for southern soul, but not so far it can’t be done. You need local promoters and venues, and “if you build it, they will come”.



March 6, 2021:

Looking For A Song I heard on KNON 89.3 Radio

This song has some of the lyrics,

You my sugar, you my spice and everything nice.
I just wanna to express my love to you baby.
Cause you turn my life around.
I am so thankful for you baby.
Nobody could have tole me I would be back in love again.

Any idea who might sing this song, if you give out just infor.



Daddy B. Nice replies:

I’m stumped, Marsha. I’ll post your question on the Mailbag page and see if it brings any answers.


Looking For A Song: PLEASE have some good news!

Greetings & Happy New Year Year Daddy B. Nice! I’m Parish Cratic and I would first like to say THANK YOU for moving Southern Soul & Blues genre forward after all these years! As a DJ in the genres, You have help me tremendously over the decades & for that you are truly appreciated.

I was going through your awards & categories for 2014 of best Mid Tempo songs for that year. I came across “Big Al – Southern Soul” slide and I decide to look it up on youtube just to see how it sounds & all I came up with is the line dance instructions. I think this song is AMAZING! I went to Itunes with my fingers heavily crossed with disappointment in the end. With all that being said do you have any idea where I could find a quality copy of this jam? I tried tracking down the artist to no avail also. I just can’t let this song go! Hope to hear from you soon…good or bad.

Parish aka DJ PC Baby

Daddy B. Nice replies:

Sorry, Parish, I must have overlooked your e-mail in the crush of letters I’ve been getting since the beginning of the new year. Yeah, I found your song on SoundCloud. Here’s your link to a full copy of Big Al’s “Southern Soul Slide”.


February 13, 2021

Looking For A Song Letter: Song–Who Is This?

Hi Daddy B,

I hope you are are doing well and staying safe. Just don’t know what I would be doing if it were not for music right now. I’m looking for a song that I heard on DJ VJ Bubba Yae’s Sunday Matinee on 01/31/21. The lyrics are as follows: “Go tell your mama, go tell your pappy, girl you done found a sugar daddy. Someone to pick you up in a brand new Cadi, Girl you done found a sugar daddy. I can pay your light bills I can pay your rent.” Attached is a sample of the song I downloaded from Bubba Yae’s session.

Thanks and best regards,


Daddy B. Nice replies:

The sample of the song you downloaded from Bubba Yae’s session was key in finding this. I couldn’t place the male singer but I immediately recognized Sassy D as the female co-vocalist. By googling “Sassy D” and “Sugar Daddy” I was able to come up with a single source, a mixtape by DJ Cutty Cut that listed the tune as “6.JAY HALL Ft SASSY D – SUGAR DADDY.” Googling “Jay Hall topic” next, I came up with nothing on his page. Then I went into my own music library and instantly found Jay Hall’s “Let’s Roll,” featuring Theodis Ealey, which I charted in 2019 as “Let’s Roll (Tennesse Whiskey”) (the dominant refrain). Unfortunately, Hall apparently hasn’t packaged “Sugar Daddy” for commercial release. Hope this helps.

Kevin replies:


Thanks for the response. I knew you could determine the source. I appreciate you finding the source. I Knew I had heard the female singer but could not place her. Thanks again for finding out the origin of the song!

Best regards,



February 3, 2021

Daddy B Nice On The Road!, Thank You Letters, Looking For Song Letters

Pictured: T.J. Hooker Taylor (performing at Back Yard Boogie Festival)

Greetings Daddy B Nice,

I must start off by saying I am a fan of the work that you do and it has been very influential and helpful to me over the last several years!

My recent contribution to the industry is my newly launched TV Network on Roku & Amazon Fire Tv, please feel free to share this information with the artist & various camps.

This is a new global promotional tool that is welcome to only those that see the need and want to do good business!

(DBN notes: 4 pm, Sunday, April 4, 2021. Official Bos TV Launch Party, Meet & Greet. Limited seating. RSVP. E-mail

I guess I forgot to send you the info on the hottest show in the ATL.

3rd Annual Back Yard Boogie Festival @ Lithonia Amphitheatre 2515 Park Drive Lithonia, Ga 30855

If you happen to be in the area that weekend give me a call you are invited!

Christopher Lamar Johnson

Daddy B. Nice replies:

On the invitation, I might surprise you. Who would serve as a good contact if I come down?

CLJ replies:

Me. CLJ. Leave a message if I don’t answer.


Then Covid happened, and months passed, and the concert was rescheduled for May 1, 2021…

CLJ writes:

Hey sir the invitation is still on! Depending on how this Covid-19 is being handled at the time.

Daddy B. Nice replies:

Hey CLJ, I’m thinking of lining this up with some other gigs and DBN appreciations. Would love to hook up live with my buds Avail and Jeter at your gig too. I’ve been holding off for a long time and I don’t really want to go around with a mask on, but at this point it might be better than nothing.

CLJ replies:

Sounds great just let me know what I can do for you, stay safe!



DJ Southern Soul Oak 93.5

Pictured: Nelson Curry

Dear Daddy B Nice

For 10 years I have been reading you’re concert calendar and posting my shows and events and I want to thank you for everything you do for the Southern Soul industry and for being a blessing and supporting Oak 93.5 fm DJ Southern Soul host of the R&B oldies. Please give me a call I would love to deejay a appreciation party for you . We can charge $10 call me I have a venue in St. Petersburg FL

Daddy B. Nice replies:

Thanks, DJ Southern Soul Oak. I’d love to do an appreciation party like that. The timing is the thing, and I’d sure like to do that without a mask. I’ve got another gig I’ve been invited to May 1st, and I’d like to line up a couple more events so I can move from town to town in one long trip. Let me know if that works and what your time preferences are, and I’ll keep in touch with you. Looking forward to having some fun with you.

DBN notes: It’s in the works…



Thanks from CoCo Wade

OMG Daddy B. Nice!!

First and foremost…I must start by saying MY HEART IS FULL. Daddy B. Nice, it is my utmost ambition to be a studious learner of the music genres including but not limited to Soul, Blues, R&B and Southern Soul of course. While you have so graciously acknowledged our work on the recent “Get Up and Dance” album; we continue to soak up all that you have to share as a pioneer of the music and entertainment industry. Based on your commentary alone, it has been insisted that you are not only a guru, but you are well established as to know every inch of what music is inclined to do and consist of ranging from your listening ear to picking apart incredible details of which most wouldn’t even know where to begin or how to explain. You are an original indeed. Listen, I…we…simply can’t THANK YOU enough, nor will we ever be able to repay you for such recognition. But, what we can do is this-keep composing and producing timeless music. Music for the people. Feel good music. Quality music. Memorable music.

~Most truly grateful

CoCo Wade on behalf of myself and Smallworld Studio Productions

Daddy B. Nice notes: CoCo Wade will also perform at the May 1st concert in Lithonia, Georgia (Atlanta) promoted by CLJ (Christopher Lamont Johnson) above.



Looking For Lady J

Dear daddy b nice,

I am trying to find where can I buy lady j I fell in love and the sampler.just found on you tube I am loving them want to she she making music.please help I looked every where I could. Want to buy please help if you can.


Daddy B. Nice replies:

I get two or three Lady J letters per year, Odessa, and you just missed a big round of letters and replies a few months ago. The records are out of print. Keep watching those YouTube videos! In the meantime, check out what I’m talking about with Lady J’s What Goes Around Comes Around. Or…if you have an extra thousand bucks burdening your pocketbook, there’s always the sole copy of Lady J’s Sneakin’ Love for only $902.81! Well, now that you’re probably totally freaked out, here’s something a little more sensible: a site where you can download Lady J’s album MISSING YOU. with my all-time, favorite Lady J tune and vocal: “Part Time Love”.



Looking for a song…

Hi Daddybnice,

congrats to your homepage. I think southern soul is one of the greatest things on earth.
I am looking for a song/video that i can´t find anymore.I think it was made not many years ago. It is about an older singer who sings about something sexual(that he still got it) and in the video they are playing poker or dominos or something (mainly with women i think). It is a great song.

Thank you so much if you can help me.

best wishes

Before Daddy B Nice replies, Peter writes back..

“Congrats on your homepage” I have found the artist on your homepage….it was



January 22, 2021

The Same Song: Who Gets The Credit?

Pictured: Cupid

Daddy B Nice,

I got this song from Hump Dog around May 2020 and now Cupid is releasing it Dec 2020. I ask the question who’s getting the credit for the song Hump Dog or Cupid????

DJ Sir Rockinghood


Hump Dog feat. Nebu: “Headz Or Tailz (The Crawfish Song)”

Cupid feat. MC World & Nebu: “Crawfish”

Daddy B. Nice replies:

Finally got to this and downloaded both. I don’t think the Cupid version improves on the Hump Dog original. In fact, I like the Hump Dog version better, at least on first impression. I see that I also got the Cupid version from 5 Star Pro the day before your e-mail. I don’t know the answer to your question. Did you find out anything in the interim? I don’t think I have Cupid’s contact currently, but I might pose this question to readers (and possibly Cupid) in the Mailbag. I notice he retains the back up singer Nebu, whose understated vocal I like, so he must have negotiated with Hump Dog in some manner.

January 17, 2021

Is the state of Colorado a good place for southern soul blues musicians to move to?

Pictured: Peggy Scott-Adams

Hi Daddy B Nice,

My name is Rosette —- and my husband’s name Danny —-. My husband, Danny, in his mid 50’s, is a southern soul blues musician. He is a professional bass guitar player, songwriter, and singer. We live in Charlotte, NC, prior the Covid-19 pandemic, my husband has difficulty finding guitarists and pianists that can play southern soul blues style music rhythms, and musicians that love this style of music in our area, and even places that welcome southern soul blues music.

Is the state of Colorado a good place for southern soul blues musicians to move to where they will find other musicians that love and able to play this style of music and places that have audiences that love and enjoy southern soul blues music? If so, what part of Colorado is the best place for that style of music rhythm, where my husband can find other musicians and places that welcome southern soul blues music? Please, help us, we appreciate you. Thank you. You may text or call my husband, Danny, telephone number: ——– or you may respond back to this email: ——-


Danny and Rosette

Daddy B. Nice replies:

Thank you so much for the kind and carefully-detailed question, Rosette. Other than having in common the current southern soul obsession with cowboy boots and hats, and what Narvel Echols says in “Pour Me A Drank”— that “Out in Colorado/You can smoke all day”—I can’t think of a single reason a southern soul or blues musician would want to come to Colorado. Nobody knows about southern soul up here, and I don’t waste my time trying to promote it here. I keep my hometown in Boulder because I could never survive the heat down South and because I’m a health and work-out freak, which is big in Boulder. But when I’m at home in Colorado doing my southern soul thing, I go up to my mountain cabin where I can get above all the whiteness of the culture around me, until I can see all the way across Kansas and Missouri to the Mississippi Delta. Peggy Scott-Adams recorded her southern soul classics in Los Angeles but her heart and soul (like mine) resides in the Delta. And that’s where I’d recommend you move if you want to be among like-minded musicians: Jackson, Mississippi, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Memphis, Tennessee, Shreveport, Louisiana. Jackson is the best because you can actually hear southern soul daily on the radio, but Baton Rouge and Shreveport are the hot spots currently from a music-recording standpoint. Hope this helps. Good luck to you both, and may your plans bear fruit.

January 2, 2021

Correction re: “Nose Wide Open” Producers

Jeter Jones had advised Daddy B Nice that Slack, not Beat Flippa, produced Magic One’s version of “Nose Wide Open”. (December letters.) And in the process of correcting that mistake I made another, stating that although Beat Flippa did not produce Magic One’s “Nose Wide Open,” the Slack-produced track was included on Beat Flippa’s P.O.T.Y. album, along with Beat Flippa’s Benito/Lady Q version of “Nose Wide Open”.

No, I was wrong. I’m just looking at P.O.T.Y (with 27 tracks!) and Magic One’s “Nose Wide Open” is not on it. Got confused on that one.

Read Daddy B. Nice’s five-star (“southern soul heaven”) review of Beat Flippa’s Producer Of The Year album.


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