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July 3, 2020

Quick Hits: Artists & Readers Respond To Daddy B Nice’s New Phone-Friendly Website

Thanks for giving us your honest opinions, I have built my name and brand off your critical assessments of me. My goal been to prove that I belong here and to make my mark on this music.

Kang of Trailride blues…


The new site look great. Not a cool, but handsome layout.
1) I find it easy to navigate.
2) Is there, or will you have an archive for CD reviews older than 2019? That would be fine.

Tommy Lofgren





You are one of the best parts of Southern Soul and I want you to know you are forever appreciated.

With kind regards,

Rosalyn Candy


Long time! Glad to see you are still motivated and doing well. Thank you for all you do, it is important and appreciated. Well being a writer, who is for now indefinitely inactive, by choice, I would probably like to see a page for recognizing or remembering just Southern Soul songwriters just in case I never write again. David Brinston came by on New Year’s Eve, he has a new album, it’s HOT! Good hearing from you, Daddy!! Blessing!



Thank you

Mr. Amazing


Just wanted you to know if you ever need anything just Holllaaaa!!!!!!!

Love the new site. Love the new changes!!!!

DJ Sir Rockinghood


Thanks for your contributions to Southern Soul Music.

DJ Mr. Melvin


Congratulations love..I just love it. It is so well organized and convenient. Thank you for helping us stay in the loop. Pray that your year will be like no other…b blessed

Annie Washington


Wow! I can’t believe I’m not in the top 5…

Darnell (Da Bachelor)


Interesting reading and good news for all the artists. Thanks for sharing

Cheryl Russell


As Always…Very Much Thanks for All You Do…

Linda Gray Barnwell


Just finished checking out the new site. LOOKS GREAT! I use it to compare how things are going on a unilateral basis. You have really put some effort into the project and it shows. Sign me, Waiting for the finished product”.

Gus (Daddy-D) Weiss


I also wanted to ask your thoughts on putting a link on your page for ‘DONATIONS’ to Daddy B, a GoFund Me and/or CashApp. I believe your followers & SS artists would gladly contribute to you because what you do for the industry is priceless.! Have a good day. Keep in touch.



Improvement. Thumbs up.

Blues Critic


Congrats on all of your many accomplishments and endeavors. I’ve heard so many great things about you and your work. What an honor to learn of you making mention of my work amidst your renowned platform a while ago. I simply can’t thank you enough. You are quite a legendary music industry leader! Thanks for paving the way for groovy artist like myself. If there’s ever anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Coco Wade


got cha, this is great. looking forward to it

Doctor Luv


Keep em coming

Brenda Basey

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