Daddy B. Nice’s replies to your letters – Mailbag November 2019

Mailbag November 30 2019

Looking For A Song Letter:

Trying to find “what i like about christmas” by patrick green

Daddy B. Nice,

Heard this song in Houston Texas can’t seem to find it. Can you help me find a copy?

thanks so much.

Daddy B. Nice replies:

Anybody help?

(Patrick Green is Daddy B. Nice’s 55th-ranked southern soul artist.)

A reader replies:

What I Like About Christmas by Patrick Green:

I downloaded it from The Boogie Report.


Daddy B. Nice adds:

Thanks, Pete! The “Boogie Report” is a long-running, ever-changing, tech-and-media-savvy website run by Jerry “Boogie” Mason, who also churns out promotional e-mails to the southern soul community. Here is his current base website: The Boogie Report. It may take a bit of doing to search through Boogie’s many pages for the Christmas song you’re looking for, but if unsuccessful, there is always the option of contacting Boogie through his website e-mail. He has featured Patrick Green in many promotional features and downloads recently.


Mailbag November 17 2019


Record Pool

Daddy B Nice

How can I join to get mp3 to download?’





i’m in need of more southern soul music,I checked out your website and I believe I’ve found the jackpot. How can I get music from your list?



Daddy B. Nice replies:

Remember, there’s a universe of southern soul artists out there–it’s not just a small or exclusive or recently-formed club–so you will have to find the music through the individual artist, which is not hard at all. Links to CD’s and mp3’s are scattered everywhere in the website content. I know, because I painstakingly insert them; it’s one of the “perks” of the site. But if you’re not on a page with links to a retailer, or if you’re on a page that only offers links to Youtube viewings (another “perk” of the site) there are three surefire ways to buy the music. One, go to the CD/MP3 Store. 

If you can’t find what you want in the CD Store, go to one of two indexes. The Index to Artist Guides takes you to feature pages on the artist. Each artist guide has a Recommended Singles section (right-hand column) with retail links, in addition to links in the text of the page’s stories. If you’re on one of the Top 100 charts it will also take you to the artist guides by clicking the artist’s name.

If all else fails and you cannot find an mp3 in either the CD Store or the Artist Guides, go to Daddy B. Nice’s Comprehensive Index. This index attempts to instantly link the reader to all references to the artist throughout the website’s hundreds of pages. Hopefully, there you will find what you’re looking for, no matter how obscure.

–Daddy B. Nice 


Mailbag November 2019

Looking For A Song Letter

Dear Daddy B. Nice,

I recently played a v.a. cassette tape that I recorded in 2006. And I can’t figure out who the artist is on one song. It’s a slow blues song by a woman accompanied w/guitar (BBK style), organ, bass & drums.
The title might be “ONE NIGHT WITH YOU “

The opening lyrics are:

I’m a loose woman, Wrapped up in lust.

Imagine you here with me,
Just the two of us.

So just stop talking daddy,
Let your body do some walking, over here.

I’m just an open minded fool, trying to make my dreams come true.

Just one night with you.

Being a loose woman gives me flexibility.
I can can swim a river, climb a tree.
And take care of you without leaving my seat.

Any help from you or your readers would be appreciated.

Thanks, Pete

Daddy B. Nice replies:

I’m stumped, Pete. Haven’t a clue. As you suggest, I’ll give the readers a chance to weigh in.



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