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November 10, 2019:

TOP TEN “SPILLOVER”: Top 40 Southern Soul Singles

An expanded list of the songs vying for “Top Ten Singles” in November.

1. “Cowboy Ride”—Stan Butler
2. “Boss Queen”—Stephanie McDee
3. “Girls Night Out”—Karen Wolfe
4. “So Damn Good”—Sheba Potts-Wright
5. “I Like Da Way, Pt. 1”—Itz Karma
6. “Ready”—Lady Soul
7. “He’s Giving Me The Eye”—Zelda Thomas
8. “Rockin’ Chair”—Charlesia Jones feat. Charles Jones III
9. “For My Ladies”—Ms. Portia feat. Cupid
10. “I Could’ve Stayed At Home”—J-Fitz
11. “Game Of Chase”—David J. feat Ms. Portia
12. “Hit It”—Jennifer Watts

13. “Good Ole Days”—Carlos G.
14. “You Need A Real Man”—Melvino
15. “21 Again”—J-Wonn
16. “I Ain’t With It”—Itz Karma
17. “I Wanna Groove”—J.R. Blu
18. “Get 2 U”—Summer Wolfe
19. “To The Dance Floor”—Sir Charles Jones, J. Rico & Fat Daddy
20. “My Super Woman”—Mr. Cotton
21. “Hub City Step”—Cupid
22. “Show The DJ Luv”—C. LaMont
23. “Country”—Marcel Cassanova feat. Trilly Polk & Cupid

24. “Roll That Booty”—Mr. Amazing
25. “Steady Love”—India.Arie
26. “It’s All About You”—Solomon Thompson feat. Lyle Jennings & DJ Precise
27. “No One Can Replace You”—Sargent Tucker
28. “Good Love”—Cadillac Man
29. “Let Me Put My Name On It”—Bigg Robb
30. “Come Back Kind Of Loving”—L.J. Echols


31. “Get Out Of Here (A Dog Named Bo)”—Bobby Rush
32. “There She Go”—Chris Ivy
33. “Sneak Up On It”—Ghetto Cowboy feat. L.J. Echols
34. “She’s Mine”—Tonio Armani
35. “Rock Your Blues Away”—L.A. Big Daddy
36. “The Weekend”—Hummin’ Boy feat. Sir Charles Jones
37. “Thinking Of You 24/7”—Nathaniel Kimble
38. “Happy Weight”—Jay Morris Group
39. “Bout’ To Go Down”—Hummin’ Boy
40. “Slow Rollin'”—King Fred

–Daddy B. Nice


November 1, 2019:

News & Notes:

More Southern Soul Radio Stations & Deejays

  Following up on the October 6th “News & Notes” (scroll down), particularly the radio stations, it’s important to stress that there are many southern soul listening options I didn’t include. How, for instance, can one forget “the heart and soul of Memphis,” WDIA,where well-known radio personality Bev Johnson is currently the marquee deejay? At WDIA on a recent Saturday in October, DJ Michael Jeffries was playing Marvin Sease’s “Hoochie Momma,” which your Daddy B. Nice has always favored as a signature Marvin Sease song over the “Candy Licker”. Down at WDLT in Mobile, I mentioned DJ Stormy but neglected to cite Mobile’s celebrity deejays, Nikki deMarks and Beverly McDowell (7 pm to midnight). Nikki gets WDLT’s “All blues Saturdays” off to a running start on Saturday mornings, delivering her unique, lounging-in-a-hammock-style patter–like nothing short of visiting the Gulf Coast. WGNL in Greenwood, Mississippi hosts a Saturday afternoon “Blues Buffet”. That’s not to be confused with WBAD in Greenville-Leland, Mississippi, where they also play ample amounts of southern soul. And over in WMPR’s hometown of Jackson (specifically Ridgeland), there’s a new southern soul alternative, Blues 93.1, which promotes itself at “Blues 24/7”. “Blues and southern soul” is the way well known radio jock Tyrone Davis (the deejay, not the late singer) puts it. This station reminds me of the now defunct American Blues Network. Remember, if you’re from the coasts or North: in the Deep South, “blues” is not B.B. King and Eric Clapton. Delta residents, the most sophisticated listeners in the country, appreciate the traditional blues, but you’re going to hear contemporary southern soul on these “blues” stations.

–Daddy B. Nice–Daddy B. Nice


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