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August 17, 2019



An expanded list of the songs vying for “Top Ten Singles” in August

1. “Love Stand”—Mr. Smoke
2. “A Woman Like You”—Darnell Da’ Bachelor
3. “No One”—Vick Allen
4. “Don’t Be Ashamed (Swing Out Mix)”—Bigg Robb
5. “I’d Go Back”—Big G
6. “3 Legs”—Annie Washington
7. “You Walk Like It’s Good”—Jarvis Greene
8. “She Wanna Ride”—Sassy D featuring Jeter Jones
9. “Good Ole Boy”—Carl Sims
10. “Strong Woman”—Fat Daddy
11. “Red Beans And Rice”—Teslanay
12. “Kitty Kat Tamer”—K.T.

13. “Just Kickin’ It”—Chris Ardoin
14. “Drowning In A Sea Of Love”—Sir Charles Jones
15. “Hoe To A Husband”—Summer Wolfe
16. “I Love You So”—Vick Allen featuring Dear Silas
17. “Money”—Mr. Smoke
18. “Willing And Able”—Adrian Bagher
19. “Mississippi Barbeque”—Zac Harmon
20. “Rescued”—Teddy Cross featuring Lenny Williams
21. “Stealing It”—Ra’Shad
22. “Step ‘Till The Morning Light”—O.B. Buchana

23. “I Love You”—Darnell Da’ Bachelor
24. “Good Lawd”—Mr. Smoke
25. “Dirty Young Man”—GR
26. “Alabama Boy”—Big “Ro” Williams
27. “Don’t Let The Rain”—Bigg Robb featuring Shirley Murdoch
28. “It’s A Mule”—Slack featuring R.T. Taylor
29. “Big Gun”—Dee Dee Simon
30. “Get It Get It”—Britt Fox
31. “Hog Status”—Big “Ro” Williams
32. “Swing Out”—Jennifer Watts
33. “Calling My Name”—Jarvis Jacob
34. “Country Party”—DJ Wildman Tim featuring Slack
35. “Listenin’ And Waitin'”—Angel Faye Russell
36. “That’s What Love Will Make You Do”—Pat Cooley
37. “Dance With Me”—Night Affair Band
38. “For The Weekend”—Joe Nice featuring Mr. David & Nelson Curry
39. “Loving Life”—Lysa
40. “Will It Be Him Or Me”—Leroy Allen




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