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September 13, 2021

Around Southern Soul Nation….


Steve Perry of “Booty “Roll” fame has been conspicuously absent from the southern soul scene of late, so it’s heartening to see him on the bill for a rare upcoming appearance at Bessie Munden Park in Camden, Alabama Saturday, October 9th. Ms. Jody is the headliner……..Bluesman Dexter Allen, who honed his chops as Bobby Rush’s lead guitarist, has released a new album—“Keep Moving On”—on the Endless Blues label….Wave Radio Boston, a new online station, is featuring southern soul music as part of its “Soul” program hosted by Big Ben Hillman….Just posted in June, the official video for J’Cenae’s “I’ll Be Down In A Minute,” featuring Wendell B on background vocals, has passed the 2-million mark in YouTube views….Speaking of astounding numbers, The Jay Morris Group’sofficial video of “Knee Deep,” featuring Zee Brownlow on lead vocal, has now amassed 11,941,883 views, launching the the self-described “only group in southern soul” into the Top 100 Countdown: The New Generationat #12 ….Totally Wired Radio’s “Soul Discovery” is a new online radio program aware of the genre and seeking new material from southern soul artists….Look for Maurice Southernsoul Andrews’ show at Oak93.5 in Raleigh-Durham NC, yet another online station promoting southern soul music. ….Gwen Yyvette celebrated a 50th Birday party in August and is putting out a limited edition (50) CD compiling her songs….Stan Butler released a single recently that was almost all talk. His new single “Push To The Side” clocks almost two minutes before getting to the music. Now comes Avail Hollywood with “Mississippi River, in which the rapping prologue takes close to two and a half minutes….The Latimore effect?….

Jeter Jones goes hiphop in a big way in “Ratchet Trailride” featuring Boosie Badazz, Poppa Hussein, Deshay & DJScootermanpro….For fans who don’t know Toni Green (with a new single, “Drive Thru Love Affair”), she was one of the first artists on Daddy B Nice’s Original Top 100 Southern Soul Artists and recorded one of the first songs about “southern soul music”. She toured Europe and beyond and came home to open Toni Green’s Palace, a club in Memphis, where she recently ran for City Council…Dee Dee Simonand 2 Buck Chuck are the writer/producer team behind Karen Wolfe’s new single (#3 September) “I’ll Leave The Light On”….Miss Lady Blues has just released an eight-song LP titled Moe Better Blues….BStreezy, who had one of the freshest sounds of 2020 with Roi Chip Anthony on “Move Around,” is releasing a new single, “Intervention”….Texas bluesman Roy Gaines passed away in August. The guitarist was a highly-regarded studio musician wo worked with Chuck Willis, Ray Charles, Albert King and many more….Unkle Phunk returns to “club” form with Big Poppa on a new fast jam entitled “We Rollin'”….X-Man Parker appeared on one of the most renowned southern soul albums of the early contemporary era, Ultimate Southern Soul. He was a contemporary of Mel Waiters, the early Sir Charles Jones and The Love Doctor

He returned to recording a few years ago with “Boo Thang,” a deserving tune that nevertheless didn’t catch on. Now he’s back with a new single, “Suga Bear”….Dee Dee Simon has once again collected a bevy of talented divas—including Sassy D, Jinda Harris, Sojo The Ladies Champ, Jesi Terrell, Donna Renee, Carletta Bush and Tara Keith—for a third Queens of Southern Soul compilation scheduled for a pre-holiday release. Simon did all the writing and 2 Buck Chuckproduced. A pre-celebration celebration of sorts (including L.J. Echols, Hummin Boy, Kenne Wayne and Donnie Ray) will be held in Henderson, Texas November 13th and an album release party is scheduled for December 4th in Oakland….

When Stan Butlerrecorded “Cowboy Ride” in 2019 your Daddy B Nice honestly believed Stan had donned a wig and removed a lot of clothes to become the mesmerizing focal point of the YouTube video. After all, why would a recording artist make someone other than himself the subject of one of his songs? I even suggested that Stan make the “costume” his performing persona in line with the old axiom the more colorful and outrageous the stage presence, the better. But now, with the release of the new Stan Butler/WestLove official video of their popular new single “Down In The Kuntry,” we discover that Stan Butler and the colorful character he made the central point of “Cowboy Ride” are two different people. The video begins with another shocking (or at least novel) close-up of the imposing, improbably-dressed, bearded fellow tooling down the middle of the street in baby-blue, fringed shorts and jacket like a homeless person or crack addict or shall we say the town’s most reliable “character” who feels like he “owns” the street? And in the next shot we see Stan Butler, close-cropped and guy-next-door-casual as usual, with West Love and a crowd of locals singing and dancing to the song. Yes sir, they are two different people!

— Daddy B Nice

September 1, 2021

SEPTEMBER TOP TEN “SPILLOVER”: Top 40 Southern Soul Singles

An expanded list of the songs vying for “Top Ten Singles” in September 2021

1. “I’m Gonna Win”—T.K. Soul
2. “Knee Deep (Soul Lion Bass Mashup”—Jay Morris Group
3. “I’ll Leave The Light On”—Karen Wolfe
4. “OMG”—Cadillac Man
5. “Tennessee Whiskey”—Sir Jonathan Burton
6. “For You”—Sean Ardoin
7. “Kush Kush”—Lacee
8. “Do You Wanna Ride”—Silky G McCoy
9. “Imma Let Him Get It”—Summer Wolfe
10. “Rough Ride”—Stephanie McDee

11. “Drive Thru Love Affair”—Toni Green
12. “Real Man”—Mr. Sipp
13. “Do It Right”—Marcellus The Singer
14. “Cabbage Greens & Cornbread”—Jay Morris Group
15. “Daddy Stroke”—DJ Wildman Tim
16. “I’m In Love With A Married Man”—Sheila B Sexi feat. Jeter Jones
17. “Head To My Toes”—Roi Anthony
18. “Old Shit”—Highway Heavy feat. Coldrank, Dave Mack, Robert Butler
19. “Body Bumping”—Awesome Bo & Miss Lady Blues
20. “You Need A Good Man”—T.K. Soul

21. “Back It Up And Drop It (Remix)”—Ra’Shad The Blues Kid feat. Stevie J Blues
22. “If I Get It Up”—Miss Lady Blues
23. “Hoochie Mama”—Big Arthur
24. “Ratchet Trailride”—Jeter Jones feat. Boosie BadAzz, Poppa Hussein, DeShay, Scootermanpro
25. “Fantastic”—Bigg Robb
26. “We Ready To Party”—T.K. Soul feat. Sir Charles Jones
27. “Pet That Dog”—Tina P.
28. “Just Want A Little Bit”—Ghetto Cowboy
29. “Boy Bye”—Meme Yahsal
30. “Just Relax”—Mose Stovall

31. “Liquor”—Rosalyn Candy
32. “The Mess We Made”—Omar Cunningham
33. “Party On The Weekend”—Stephanie Luckett
34. “Trailride”—Choppa Law
35. “Let’s Have A Good Time”—Ms. Jody
36. “All In The Bed”—Gentry-Jones
38. “Get On Up”—Mr. Stuff feat. Biggs/DJM5
39. “I’ll Be Dam”—Roi Chip Anthony feat. Lysa
40. “Let’s Ride”—Cheff Da Entertainer & Teslaney


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