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October 27, 2021:

Renowned WAGR Disc Jockey Big Money Dies In Car Crash

Holmes County, Mississippi Supervisor aka WAGR Lexington DJ Big Money died in a car crash on Highway 12 between Tchula and Lexington Sunday night. He was only 49. The body will lie in state at the City of Tchula Fire Station, where Greer was Fire Chief, from 10 am to 6 pm Friday, November 5th. An outdoor memorial celebration will be held at 5 pm that day. A “Homegoing Celebration” will be held at 11 am Saturday, November 6th at the DMP Multi-Purpose Building, Highway 17, Lexington, Mississippi. Flowers and memorials may be sent to Lakefront Memorial Funeral Home, 976 Main St., Tchula Mississippi (662-766-4059). 

Greer was an out-sized figure among Delta deejays, his booming, high-energy voice miked at maximum volume, even louder than the southern soul music he loved so well, as he broadcast on Saturdays on gospel station WAGR, serving the small communities north of Jackson, Mississipi and also online throughout the nation and world. In 2015 he was prominently featured in Daddy B. Nice’s Corner and Top 10 for in effect resuscitating and playing the Mystery Lady’s licentious and previously-forgotten single “(He Caught Me With The) Wrong Drawers (On),” a song Daddy B. Nice called the “greatest underground record of the year after Bishop Bullwinkle’s “Hell Naw To The Naw Naw”. The song was subsequently posted on YouTube under the title “Wrong Draws”. 

October 17, 2021

Miss Portia, One Of Southern Soul’s Youngest And Brightest Stars, Passes!

See the obituary. 

October 15, 2021


Around Southern Soul Nation….

Your Daddy B. Nice talked with Bigg Robb about the Bishop Bullwinkle situation. In this month’s Top 100 Countdown New Generation chart featuring Bishop Bullwinkle at #13, I appeal to Bigg Robb to let stand a YouTube page I found featuring the original “Hell Naw To The Naw Naw” with the Bigg Robb instrumental track still intact. After the copyright infringement crisis, most of the original pages were taken down, subsequently replaced by Bishop Bullwinkle With Da Bicycle, which currently has 65 million page views in spite of a much inferior instrumental track. I was expecting Robb to toe a hard line on the issue, but he graciously accepted my reasoning that with Bullwinkle gone it could only benefit southern soul and posterity to leave the original page online. You can read about it and listen to the overlooked video at Bishop Bullwinkle, New Generation. New southern soul artist J’Cenae’s two singles “I’ll Be Down In A Minute” and “I Ain’t No Side Piece Lover” have been putting up YouTube numbers most divas only dream of. They’ll be included in J’Cenae’s debut CD “Decency” scheduled for release in November on Smoothway (Wendell B’s label)Mr. Sipp’s first southern soul album, “Sippnotized,” is just out on the gold standard of southern soul labels, the legendary Malaco Records of Jackson, Mississippi. Mr. Sipp’s coup puts him in rare company. Malaco rejected Sir Charles Jones, Vick Allen and many other highly-regarded southern soul recording artists. Singer/songwriter Gerod Rayburn, well-known in Memphis for his work with John Ward’s Ecko Records, has released a CD called “I Love My Blues”. B. Dupree, who charted on Daddy B. Nice’s Top 10 Singles way back in 2006 and subsequently left the scene, has re-released another single from that era: “Freight Train”.

New artist Demetrius Richardson, who will be appearing on the bill with Dallas area-bred L.J. Echols,Lil’ Jimmie and a host of beautiful divas celebrating Dee Dee Simon’s birthday in Henderson, Texas in November, is the younger brother of Calvin Richardson. Joining a rare venue December 11th in Los Angeles with Big Pokey Bear will be Bobby Warren. What makes him notable? Bobby was the lone male artist (along with a trio of female singers) to record “I Hear You Knockin’,” featured this month in the Mystery Lady Artist Guide (Mystery Lady Blast From Past “I Hear You Knockin”). The song has quietly accrued 3 million page views in the years since it was first published. L.J. Echols produced the new M.P. Soul single “I’m Not Going Nowhere,” and his familiar musical techniques are all over the record. Along with Omar Cunningham, L.J. appears to have opted toward writing and production of other artists in pursuit of a steadier income than the feast-or-famine cycles of a solo career. Copyright income also make it a viable, long-term, revenue source. The online deejay who has become popular with his “Facebook Live” shows—one of which was the source for this month’s number one single,”Drink Of You” by The Night Affair Band,—is DJ Haynes, based in the Montgomery, Alabama area. Contemporary musicians like to assume they’re the cutting-edge of outrageous sexuality. Here’s proof nothing’s new under the sun. “60-Minute Man” by The Dominoes. Although it was banned by some radio stations, “60 Minute Man” was on Top 40 radio (that’s mainstream radio for contemporary listeners) across the USA in 1951 and helped jumpstart rock and roll. The chorus held the audience’s anticipation up to the very last line with:

“There’ll be fifteen minutes of kissin’
Then you’ll holler “Please don’t stop” (Don’t stop!)
There’ll be fifteen minutes of teasin’
Fifteen minutes of squeezin’
And fifteen minutes of blowin’ my top.”

In another sign of southern soul’s increasing popularity, Facebook groups devoted to the genre are proliferating. Everybody wants to talk aout the music: Syrup City Soul (The Southern Soul Movement), Southern Soul Gospel Blues and R&B Events, Southern Soul Central, Southern Soul Divas, Blues/Southern Soul, Lovers of Southern Soul, Soul Blues & Old School, Blues and Southern Soul In The Basement, Friends & Fans Of DJ Haynes (along with many other individual artist groups), Chicago Southern Soul, The Southern Soul Scene and Southern Soul TV are a few of just the newest groups available to fans.

—Daddy B. Nice

October 1, 2021

OCTOBER TOP TEN “SPILLOVER”: Top 40 Southern Soul Singles

An expanded list of the songs vying for “Top Ten Singles” in October 2021. 

1. “Drink Of You”—Night Affair Band 
2. “I Ain’t No Sidepiece Lover”—J’Cenae 
3. “We Rollin'”—Unkle Phunk feat. Big Poppa 
4. “Mr. Hide And Go Get It”—Arthur Young 
5. “Tank On E”—DeShay 
6. “Let Me Love You”—Ra’Shad The Blues Kid 
7. “Wash My Hands”—Denzel Dante 
8. “The Best Of Me”—Mrs. Sham 
9. “Giddy Up And Let’s Ride”—Tasha Mac feat. Jeter Jones 
10. “Real Man”—Mr. Sipp 

11. “Fantastic”—Bigg Robb 
12. “Push To The Side”—Stan Butler 
13. “Rent Man”—Adrian Bagher 
14. “I’m In Love With A Married Man”—Sheila B. Jackson feat. Jeter Jones 
15. “Close To Me”—Ra’Shad The Blues Kid 
16. “I’m In Love With A Married Man”—Sheila B Sexi feat. Jeter Jones 
17. “Can’t Believe It”—Klay Bankz Da Hood Anchorman 
18. “It’s A Party At The Juke Joint”—Al Davis feat. Mark Lockett 
19. “Sexy Soul Swinging”—Mr. Lyve 
20. “To The Country”—Patrick Harris feat. Jeter Jones 

21. “Blackberry Taste So Sweet”—Stan Butler 
22. “My Mind”—Chris Ivy 
23. “Big Boy Drawls”—Stevie J. Bluez 
24. “Loving You”—Miss Lady Blues 
25. “Southern Soul Party”—Mr. Fredlo 
26. “Hit It And Hold It (Remix)”—Narvel Echols 
27. “Freight Train”—B. Dupree 
28. “Hurt Me So Bad”—Stephanie Pickett 
29. “I Love Chocolate”—Cupid feat. Jarvis Jacob 
30. “It Is What It Is”—Highway Heavy feat. Dave Mack 

31. “Look Good Look Fine”—J-Wonn & T.K. Soul 
32. “Sugar Bear”—X-Man Parker 
33. “Intervention”—B Streezy 
34. “Grown Man Shhh”—Bigg Robb 
35. “Hittin’ It”—Eric Hunter feat. Volton Wright & Dubble G 
36. “Can’t Be Love”—Miss Lady Blues 
37. “My Other Woman”—D.D. Taylor 
38. “Slow Jam”—Andre’ Lee 
39. “Catfish And Bbq”—Bigg Robb feat. Theodis Ealey 
40. “If It Ain’t You”—Russ G feat. Lil’ Runt 



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