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May 25, 2020

Covid-19 restrictions are loosening…


…Commerce is reopening, and everyone wants to know: When will we be able to return to concert-going? The Concert Calendar shows mostly cancellations and postponements in early May, but Mobile, Alabama’s huge, rescheduled Spring Fling on May 30th is still on tap to proceed. The even bigger Blues Is Alright Tour sites (Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Macon, etc.) have rescheduled to the July-through-October months, with all venues honoring early ticket-holders.

But will we return? And how will we do it? Will we maintain social distancing? Will we wear face masks or scarves? And what in the world will that experience be like?

— Daddy B Nice

May 1, 2020

MAY TOP TEN “SPILLOVER”: Top 40 Southern Soul Singles

An expanded list of the songs vying for “Top Ten Singles” in May 2020

1. “Get’cha Head Right”—Wendell B
2. “Talk In Your Sleep”—.Vickie Baker
3. “Booty Roll”—Tucka
4. “Deeper In Your Body”—Stan Butler
5. “Grown Folks Party”—Leroy Germaine
6. “Clockwise”—Jeter Jones feat. Gary “Lil’ G” Jenkins
7. “Milk”—J. Red The Nephew
8. “Kiss Me Where You Miss Me”—Jennifer Watts
9. “Nobody Said”—Rosalyn Candy
10. “Thickness”—Roi Chip Anthony feat. DJ Jubilee & Pallo Da Jiint

11. “Can We Talk About It?”—Charles Wilson
12. “Old School House Party”—Freddie G
13. “Same Ole Thang”—Urban Ladder Society (w/ Stevie J)
14. “Call Mr. Willie”—Lomax
15. “I Don’t Want Your Man”—Crystal Clark
16. “Somebody’s Gettin’ It”—Mose Stovall
17. “Back It Up”—Solomon Thompson feat. Lebrado & Jeff Floyd
18. “Ladies Do It Better”—P2K
19. “Keep It On The Dance Floor”—MeMe Yahsal
20. “Hey Puddy Puddy”—Mz. Barbie Dolle

21. “Can Somebody Take Me?”—Tyree Neal feat. Omar Cunningham
22. “On A Mission”—Tanji Emmeni
23. “When We Said Good-bye”—Simone De
24. “Ya Ya Slide”—MeMe Yahsal
25. “I Want A Mirror At The Head Of My Bed”—William Calhoun
26. “If Walls Could Talk”—Stevie J feat. Vick Allen
27. “Full Course Meal”—J. Morris Group feat. L.J. Echols
28. “Call Me”—Andrew Jackson
29. “Do What You Do”—Tara “Southern Girl” Sabree
30. “When I Get There”—Just Allen

31. “Somebody Stole My Honey”—Sir Jonathan Burton
32. “You Can Lean On Me”—T.J. Bridgewater
33. “Chill In The Air”—Tony O.
34. “Trump Check”—Luther Lackey
35. “”Lunch Break Lover”—Jay Morris Group
36. “Corona Blues”—Adrena
37. “Yoonek-Yeehaw Slide”—Cheff Da Entertainer feat. Mr. Woo
38. “Birthday Behavior”—DJ Adam T
39. “Sweet Thang”—Bill Avery
40. “Pass The Wilson”—Shell-B


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