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March 14, 2022

Daddy B. Nice’s News & Notes

All hail King George. No, that’s not the King of England. That’s the young Carolinian taking the southern soul world by storm, precipitating one of the sweetest moments in entertainment: That’s when fans raise a prior unknown to celebrated status. Performers are watching with envy and admiration as this young man notches one hit single after another and books one new concert after another—all at whirlwind speed—the latest only a couple of days ago replacing superstar Calvin Richardson as the headliner in the July 9th, multi-act, Evergreen Weekend Concert in Starkville, Mississippi. The audiences, dominated by exuberant ladies, sing along to every word of King George’s lyrics, including “not one, not two—but three—women” and “one who just don’t give a fuck” (“Keep On Rollin'”)—-in effect turning the misogynistic words into female broadsides hurled back at threat-prone males. And in amusing TikTok snippets parents are filmed ushering their ungrateful toddlers towards the front door while wagging their fingers and singing, “If you wanna go, just go / One monkey don’t stop no show!”….

…Zee’s BBQ in Clarksdale, Mississippi invites recording artists to submit their music videos to The Big Blues and Southern Soul Show on YouTube. E-mail mp3’s to ….Calvin Richardson has withdrawn from a number of upcoming southern soul concerts. Check the Concert Calendar to be sure…. The Jus’ Blues Music Awards 2022 have been announced for August 3rd through 6th at Horseshoe Tunica (Memphis). Register at the Jus’ Blues Music Foundation. ….The Paul Nelson Band is playing a Johnny Winter tribute tour throughout Florida in the month of March. Go to Paul Nelson Band tour dates.….

Watch for new music from Nelson Curry, Rhomey, Till 1, Stephanie McDee, Mr. Frayser, J.T. Watkins, Hummin’ Boy, Uncle Gymini, Leroy Allen, Urban Mystic, Evette Busby, Tamara (aka Mz Hollywood) McClain, Jeter Jones, Cupid, T.K. Soul, Mr. Nelson, Ms. Robbie, Pat Cooley and Sheila B. Sexi….. After a long absence the Jous Band is back with a pair of new singles….Early-aughts recording artist X-Man Parker (“Two Birds,” “Suga Bear”) is back with a new batch of songs under the title/name Royal Crown.….Finally, William Bell and his label Wilbe Records are seeking testimonials (i.e. recollections of the first time you heard the song, the way it made you feel, or perhaps who or what the song reminds you of) for their Video Lab Series on YouTube. The next premiere is Monday, April 11th at 7pm (EST) featuring William Bell & The Total Package Band performing “Easy Comin’ Out (Hard Goin’ In)” Live! If interested, please send Video/Audio submissions (whichever you prefer) in MP4 format to: by March 30th.

— Daddy B Nice

March 5, 2022

MARCH TOP TEN “SPILLOVER”: Top 40 Southern Soul Singles

An expanded list of the songs vying for “Top Ten Singles” in March 2022.

1. “Keep On Rollin'”—King George
2. “I Can’t Keep Loving You”—Willie Clayton
3. “Jukebox Lover”—Tucka
4. “Give Me Some Credit”—Jay Morris Group
5. “Mr. Willie”—C. Jones
6. “Poundtown”—David Brinston
7. “Friday Night”—King George
8. “Father, Father”—Nelson Curry
9. “Can’t Stop Thinking Bout You”—Andre’ Lee
10. “Been A Boss”—Sweet Nay

11. “Mr. Bartender”—Arthur Young feat. Big Yayo
12. “Bit By A Cougar”—Jeter Jones
13. “My Deaf Brother”—Stan Butler
14. “The After Party”—Coco Wade
15. “Men Will Sleep With Anythang”—Angel Faye Russell
16. “Fire”—Miss Lady Blues feat. Darnell Da Bachelor
17. “I Gotta Stop Drinking”—Avail Hollywood
18. “Leave And Party”—King George
19. “Push And Pull”—Arthur Young
20. “Drippin'”—Sassy D

21. “Don’t Try Me”—Karen Wolfe
22. “Party”—C-Wright
23. “No Worries”—Jeter Jones
24. “Lover’s Groove”—Lady Songbird Jinda
25. “18 Wheeler Truck”—Narvel Echols
26. “Get In There”—Rodnae
27. “Ice Cream”—Napoleon Demps
28. “Thought It Was Good”—Lamar Brace
29. “Can’t Say No”—Princess Towanna Murphy
30. “At The Club Tonight”—Jay Moris Group

31. “I Came To Party”—Nellie “Tiger” Travis
32. “Used To Be Mines”—KD Dawson
33. “Booger Bear”—Meat Man feat. Jeter Jones
34. “Backwood Love”—King Russell feat. Jeter Jones
35. “Candy Land”—K. Renaa
36. “That Candy”—T.K. Soul
37. “My Sidepiece”—Sir Jonathan Burton
38. “Let’s Get It On”—Hummin’ Boy
39. “Southern Soul Chronicles”—Sebastian Southern Soul
40. “Love Like This Again”—Urban Mystic 


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