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January 3, 2021

Top 25 Southern Soul Songs of 2020


1. “Cheatin’ With The DeeJay”——Mr. David


2. “Staying In Love Ain’t Easy”——Wendell B


3. “Funky Forty”——Arthur Young


4. “Won’t Disapprove”—–Tucka, Marcus Fisher


5. “Pour Me A Drank”—–Narvel Echols


6. “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”——Jeter Jones


7. “I Don’t Understand”——Sir Charles Jones


8. “Get’cha Head Right”——Wendell B


9. “Nukie Pie”—–Carolyn Staten, Jennifer Watts, Unkle Phunk


10. “Love Train (Black Locomotive)”—–Avail Hollywood


11. “Is It Ova?”—–Hisyde, Avail Hollywood, Beat Flippa


12. “Nose Wide Open”——Benito (Teddy Bear), Lady Q, Beat Flippa


13. “I Put It On Him”——Dee Dee Simon


14. “Nose Wide Open”——-Magic One


15. “Rock With You”——R.T. Taylor


16. “That’s Life”——T.K. Soul


17. “Last Few Dollars”——David J, Tony Tatum


18. “Goin’ Out”——Lokey Kountry


19. “Can Somebody Take Me?”—–Tyree Neal, Omar Cunningham


20. “I’ll Be Down In A Minute”——J’Cenae, Wendell B


21. “One Freak To Another”——Sheba Potts-Wright


22. “I Got That Good Good”——Kinnie Ken, Sojo


23. “Memphis Blues Brothers”—–John Cummings


24. “Da Fire”—–Dee Dee Simon


25. “Touch Me”——J-Wonn


—Daddy B Nice


January 1, 2021

JANUARY TOP TEN “SPILLOVER”: Top 40 Southern Soul Singles

An expanded list of the songs vying for “Top Ten Singles” in January 2021. 

1. “Excuse Me”—Pokey Bear 
2. “Southern Soul Woman”—Cadillac Man 
3. “When You Work It”—P2K feat. T.K. Soul 
4. “A Little Freaky”—Big Yayo 
5. “Southern Soul Man”—Mr. Nelson feat. Sonya B 
6. “Bout To Go Stepping”—T.K. Soul 
7. “Work That”—Tha Party King 
8. “That Bomb Love”—J. Red The Nephew 
9. “Torn Between The Two”—Lady Q 
10. “Different From The Rest”—King Fred 

11. “Cake”—Big Yayo 
12. “Outside Woman”—Shell-B 
13. “Back That Country Thang On Me”—Ice Buck feat. Nellie “Tiger” Travis 
14. “Stir It Like Coffee”—Mz. Connie feat. Nelson Curry 
15. “It’s Gone Cost You (DJ Idol NOLA Remix)”—Miss Portia 
16. “You Can’t Have My Man”—The Lady Songbird Jinda 
17. “Southern Soul New Year”—Nelson Curry 
18. “90 Weight”—Mr. Fredlo 
19. “My Rocking Chair”—Tip The Singer 
20. “My Weakness”—Baby Drew, Sir Charles Jones, Nina Stacks 

21. “Two Can Play That Game”—Stephanie McDee 
22. “Turn Back The Hands Of Time/Turning Point Medley”—Isaac Lindsay 
23. “Step On”—Big Fred 
24. “I Don’t Care”—Ka’Vettie Smoke 
25. “Real Deal (DJ Jazzy Pete Remix)”—Captain Jack Watson 
26. “If They Only Knew”—Rosalyn Candy 
27. “Shouldn’t Have To Tell You”—Miss Portia 
28. “Rockin’ With You”—J-Fitz 
29. “Full Time Love”—Zelda 
30. “Facebook Beef”—Lady Trucker 

31. “Tha Mz Connie Cha”—Mz. Connie 
32. “If You Wanna Party”—Stan Butler 
33. “Send Me That Cash App”—The Jay Morris Group 
34. “It Don’t Take All Night”—O.C. Soul 
35. “Joystick”—Ann Devae 
36. “Love On Loan”—Stephanie Pickett 
38. “Love For Sale”—Lou Battle 
39. “Mood Swings”—Gwen Yvette 
40. “Dance”—Lady Soul 


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