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February 14, 2022

Daddy B. Nice’s News & Notes

Happy Valentine’s Day, and may the object of your affections reciprocate!….For those who may have missed it, mixtape maestro DJ Sir Rockinghood has assembled a special YouTube mix of the Jay Morris Group’s “Knee Deep” and “Knee Deep Part II”. Smack in the middle (immediately after Zee Brownlow’s imitation of Lenny Williams’ iconic “Oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhh,”) is an entire voice-over (talking) verse by Lenny which Williams fans will go into raptures over. The entire nine-and-a-half-minute opus is quite possibly the penultimate expression of the Jay Morris Group’s phenomenal musicality and harmonizing….

Ever since 2020’s “Nose Wide Open” songs—the first by Magic One (pronounced “Magic Juan”) and the second by Benito & Lady Q—I’ve been on the lookout for prior references in southern soul music to the slang phrase “nose wide open”. Here’s one I just found: none other than Willie Clayton from 20-25 years ago, singing “You got my nose wide open”….The song? “I Love Me Some You.” (On the YouTube link, it comes in at the 4:55 mark.)….Speaking of Willie Clayton, European music critic Heikki Suosalo continues his in-depth retrospective of the legendary balladeer in Part 2 of the “Willie Clayton Story (1993-2002)” in “Soul Express” magazine. The piece includes commentary by the late Pat Brown, the head of Ichiban Records John Abbey and the singer-songwriter Frank-O Johnson.….“Living Blues” magazine showcases “Old School Southern Soul” in its #274 issue (Sep/Oct 2021), including features on Billy Ray Charles, Sam Mosley and R.L. Griffin.….Sweet Nay’s debut album “Good Vibes,” including no less than three singles from Daddy B. Nices current Top 40, is has just been released, as has Nelson Curry’s (the Sugar Shack Man) new collection, “Evolution Of Soul”….A new online radio station specializes in southern soul: WBSSRadio — The Best N Southern Soul / Soul Blues & Zydeco on the platform….

Klay Redd is featured on Fox Friday, a “divorce court” show, and the YouTube video has already amassed as many views (100K-plus) as his novelty single “Chicken Wang,” which won Daddy B. Nice’s Best Club Song of 2021. Here’s the description of the televised conflict: “Sarah says her boyfriend’s entertainment lifestyle is driving a wedge between them. Klay says as a singer songwriter, he works with female clients but he’s not cheating. Sarah believes Klay is entertaining other women at his “home” studio. She says she found another woman’s clothes at his home. Klay says he’s not cheating, etc.” The Klay Redd story begins about 45 seconds into the video….

Last but not least, some reportage and commentary from the X-rated fringes of southern soul music, the land of four-letter words (“blow, shit, fuck,”), the songs you don’t get to hear on your favorite southern soul radio stations….Remember Champagne’s controversial Best Female Vocalist of 2019 for “(Let Me Put My) Mouth On You”? Songwriter/producer Highway Heavy has taken the original, explicit video offline. That would be the one with Champagne reclining in front of the camera whilst describing a blow job—the same video accompanied by hundreds of funny, exuberant and mostly male comments. In fact, I’ve never seen so many men coming out of the woodwork congratulating a woman for “getting it right” while surreptitiously hoping their girlfriends or wives would pick up some of the tips in their own bedrooms. (Understand that when I say “explicit” I’m using the term from a music business perspective; from the porn industry perspective the video—with no flesh, no partner—wasn’t even soft-core.) Here’s the new, static, cleaned-up version, sans Champagne although the explicit lyrics remain intact…. One upside of the new video is that the listener can focus on the musicality and soulfulness of the tune, which is how I became so enamored with it in the first place (yes, really, haha!)—the smoky organ, the precise and intense guitar, the quality of the vocal). Highway Heavy isn’t the only one to pull back from the extreme fringe lately….

Bigg Robb tiptoed away from using the word “shit” in the title of his 2021 award-winning Best Song By A Longtime Veteran, “Grown Man Shhh”….On the other hand, Unkle Phunk recently put out a new remix of Carolyn Staten’s “Nukie Pie”. The new lyrics in the chorus are “This young buck / Say he want to fuck.”….Which brings me to a new song in the vein of Arthur Young’s “Funky Forty”. It uses the word “fuck” in such an apt and conversational and seemingly ordinary fashion that it may sneak or even charm its way onto radio platforms. It’s by a new artist named King George and it’s entitled “Keep On Rollin”. The lyrics in question concern a man who needs not one or two but three (!) women at the same time, and it goes like this: (I need) “One woman just to hold me down / One woman just to lift me up / And I gotta at least have one woman on the side / That really don’t give a fuck.”

—Daddy B. Nice

February 3, 2022

1/29/22: Winners Posted: Daddy B. Nice’s 15th Annual Southern Soul Music Awards! Click here!


FEBRUARY TOP TEN “SPILLOVER”: Top 40 Southern Soul Singles

An expanded list of the songs vying for “Top Ten Singles” in February 2022.

1. “Get My Groove On”—Jeter Jones
2. “Magic Woman”—Binky Womack
3. “Whooped (I Put That Nookie On Him)”—Sweet Nay
4. “Two Steps”—King Fred feat. Shae Shae
5. “Mississippi Girl”—Vick Allen
6. “Thunder And Showers”—Poka Jones feat. Sweet Nay
7. “Juke Joint 2K”—Nelson Curry
8. “Talk To Yo Ole Lady”—Augusta
9. “Count On Me”—T.J. Hooker Taylor
10. “Overnight Stay”—Dre Walker feat. J-Wonn

11. “Thrill Is Gone”—J-Wonn
12. “Cowgirl Remix”—Jeter Jones feat. Baldenna Tha King & Soul Collective
13. “Special Lady”—Rico C
14. “I Met This Woman”—Young Vet feat. Rich Wright
15. “Door #1”—Sweet Nay
16. “Sleeping With Another Man’s Wife”—Michael Carey
17. “I Just Came To Party”—Rodnae feat. P2K
18. “Get The Hell On”—Lamar Brace
19. “I Know You Miss Me”—Binky Womack feat. Angel Faye Russell
20. “Jook City Southern Soul”—Sojo The Ladies Champ

21. “(Still Called) The Blues”—Mr. David
22. “Eat The Whole Thang”—Unkle Phunk
23. “New Man”—Mz. Sassy
24. “You Got The Right Stuff”—Donnie Ray
25. “2 Step”—Cupid feat. Shirley Murdoch
26. “Can’t Stop Thinking Bout You”—Andre’ Lee
27. “My Kind Of Party”—Todd B.
28. “Walk Like A Boss”—Stephanie McDee
29. “Been A Boss”—Sweet Nay
30. “She Could Never Be Me”—K. Renaa

31. “A Mama’s Love”—Chuck Strong
32. “Nasty Man”—Mr. Frayser
33. “Dancing With My Baby”—Al Davis feat. Black Koffee
34. “Misty Blue”—Calvin Taylor
35. “Please Don’t Play No Games”—Sheila Jackson
36. “Ooh Wee”—Gregory P. Jones
37. “He’s Coming In The Back Door”—Ms. Jody
38. “On the Avenue”—J’Cenae feat. Kami Hooligann
39. “A Party In Here Tonight”—J. Red The Nephew feat. Mrs. Sham
40. “Do Right Season”—P2K


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